Obama’s fence jumper

In my opinion:


The fence jumper is more propaganda bullshit put out by Obama to make the people think that the poor little innocent Obama and his family were threatened by some mad dog wanting to kill him. This from a book by Ronald Kessler, The First Family Detail, in he tells what real dummies and greedy pigs low life they really are and they could care less about the people and the Constitution or anything else but them selves. On page 94 the fourth paragraph: At the White House you know right away if there’s a fence jumper,” A Secret agent says, There are electronic eyes and ground sensors six feet back (from the sidewalk) that are monitored twenty four hours a day. They sense movement and the weight. Infrared detectors . Every angle is covered by cameras. You have audio detectors. Every angle is covered by cameras and recorded.
Uniformed Division officers and the division’s Emergency Response team, armed with P90 sub- machine guns, form the first line of defense.
If somebody jumps the fence, ERT is going to get them right away, either with a dog or just themselves,” an agent says. “they give the dog a command and that dog will knock over a two hundred fifty pound man. It will hit him dead center and take him down.” In addition, he says the Uniformed Division’s counter-snipers will train their weapons on the intruder.

Last year these guys killed a women in her car for just driving in the wrong place. Why didn’t they kill this guy?  If it wasn’t a set up these guys  would have killed the fence jumper. Obama and his Regime lie like rugs and the press goes right along with what ever he says and wants to do, Obama is not going to fight ISIS he is going to send John McCain and tell them that he will ,give them more guns more money.  Just like he did in Syria and then the bad guys attacked the people of Syria with poison gas that Obama and McCain supplied them with and tried to blame Assad for killing his own people. All Bullshit set up by the Obama Socialist/Communist Regime to trick the people. We have a lot of dummies in this Country who can’t see what this Traitor is doing.

The propaganda always at work trying to the Progressive Communist Demo-rats and Republicans elected in November. Obama’s looking for sympathy, poor bay might be attacked by a Vet or Tea Party person. No one can get with in 2 feet of Obama. Everything you see on TV or hear on the Radio and in the News is a lie!

The fence jumper would have been dead before he hit the ground.