Carly Fiorina


While watching the Presidential Debate, if you want to call it that, listening to Carly Fiornia I want to puke. She is a pure Demo-rat Progressive and don’t let no one kid, you she is not a moderate Republican or Republican at all she is a Socialist/ Communist .

The fraze she used over and over in the debates comes fromĀ  the Demo-rat play book to get the dummies to think that they are on their side. She said, She will level the Playing field.” What does that mean? Nothing! It is a vague statement that means nothing.

No one in their right mind can level any so called Playing Field. There is only one way that everybody will be the same and the Playing field is leveled, that every one in the United States of America is poor! Except for the Elite Politicians like Cary Fiorina, who is also wealthy and has sold out to whom ever bought her soul. She believes in Socialism/Communism, just like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Rubio ( Hispanics all the way) and the Demo-rat Party and the Republican Rove/Bush old guard Traitors to bring our Country to it’s final endĀ  of our Country, our Freedom and the New World Order steps in.

I wouldn’t vote for Fiorina for dog catcher. She’s a snake!