Obama pushes Islam & Communism

Obama and all the Demo-rats lead by people like Bernie Sanders, who by the way is a true Communist, Nancy Pelosi, a useful idiot of Communism Party USA, Chuck Shummer, Wassermann Schultz, Diann Feinstein, Clinton’s, John McCain ( his daughter is always on National TV bragging how proud she is to be a Progressive, that’s Communism ) just to name a few at the top, and the Congressional  Progressives Caucus, who are all Demo-rats and take their orders from the Institute for Policy Studies, who take their orders directly form Communist Party USA.(I have taken this out of the book, Shadow World,  that should be in every school from the 8th grade to and through College becasue it tells us what is going on and why we are being destroyed and who, with the help of Obama and the all the Demo-rats who have been bought and paid for by George Sorros, the most evil Jew in the history of the World.

(Why are the Jews who have been elected to the Senate and the Congress in the forefront of working with Obama to destroy our Country)

Obama and all his allies work right out of the Communist Manifesto, is one of the things that Obama has accomplished: This is from the book None Dare call it Treason, another book that should be taught in all our schools, Communism teaches that a state of continual conflict or class warfare exists between two groups,(here in our Country it started with Obama putting the Blacks and Whites in conflict with one another and the Hispanic and Muslims will be next)..In this conflict according to the dialectical materialism, the bourgeoisie will be destroyed, the Middle Class,. this change is inevitable and defined by Marx as Progress.

Obama, all the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans, the schools of professors of hate, starting with grammar school, now since Obama has taken over this Country with the help of the Senate and Congress  have destroyed our Country. The News Media, the Unions who are controlled by Communism Party USA.. All the dope the people of the United States of America can handle. Stupid people like Jessie Jackson , Al Sharpton, the Hispanic Caucasus, all their leaders. The Cloward/Piven idea of overloading the system and destroying the Country, Hence all the Illegals, and importing 100,000 Muslim a year into this country. None of these people want to become American, they all get 75 thousand dollars per head a year from the Government. Obama has said that the Syrians will need to be housed. The Federal Government own 90% of all mortgages and the dummies who fell for the Reverse Mortgages will be tossed out into the streets and the Illegals will move right in and not have to pay a cent because Obama and his Communist Government    and our tax dollars will pay for everyone but we in the Middle-Class will be destroyed. Yet very few Americans will take their heads out of the sand and not do anything to stop Obama.

The News Media, the schools and school boards, because they get money from the Fed, will work with Obama, and our Government is our enemy.Our soldiers should be here fighting our Government not fighting for the UN and die and be mangled  for nothing. They should be fighting our Government. Keep your guns and by more ammo. All we need is a leader to lead us back to our freedom an a government by the people and for the people.