Old article but still good today

We have a lot more Traitors now then we did then. But the movie stars and Directors are Traitors today by backing our Traitor President Barrack Hussein Obama. They all love Communism because they are rich and nothing can touch them.

              The Greatest Traitor to the United States of America   12/02/08


The greatest Traitor to the United States of America and to the soldiers of the Viet Nam war in the last hundred years is going to be honored by Barbra Walters.  Who is the traitor that Barbra Walters is going to honor is Jane Fonda. Who went to Vet Nam on her own without permeation form anyone and capitulated with the enemy sat at their anti air craft guns and prayed she could shoot down an American plan. If this was a real declared war she would have been shot as a traitor.  She really helped the Communist Vet Cong  in there war against the US. You can still see her on the guns laughing and joking with the Vet Ming. When the Hanoi prisoners were brought out before her they thought she was just playing the Vet Ming along and that she was really there to help our soldiers, this is from the internet, the men wrote down their SS numbers on a small piece of paper thinking that she would bring them back to the USA so their family’s would know they were alive. She asked each prisoner, “How do like killing babies”. When she reached the end of the line she turned the pieces of paper over to the Vet Ming. They beat three of the men to death. 


Now why didn’t she ask the Vet Ming, why did you cut the arms off the children who the Army Rangers vaccinated  so they would be immune to some child killing disease, after the Rangers left the villages. This went on in every village they went to, to try and help those that they could. She did not ask that question of the Vet Ming. She assumed that they were the good guys. The Vet Cong slaughtered more of their own people in cold blood then any of the American troops could have done by mistake.  Why didn’t she ask questions about what they did?


So she was the cause of the death of three American soldiers who had hoped, because of who she was, a big time Hollywood actress, she was there to help them. She was there for one purpose only to help destroy them and our Country.


Who do these Hollywood types think they are? Do they think that because they are so rich and liberal above every one in the world, that they believe their own hype that they are Gods and have the right to do as they please with out regret or remorse that they are right? Why didn’t she parade her self in front of Linden B. Johnson and the Congress and the Senate who were responsible for the War in Vet Nam and the drafting of American men who did not really want to fight in Vet Nam? They had no choice; they were drafted into the armed forces and were sent there by the Government. Not to fight for America but to fight Communism in a foreign country that did not declare War on America. But to try and save a County from falling to the Communists. that war and all the Wars since Korea are all lies. Why didn’t Jane Fonda if she really hated our soldiers who were sent there by her Liberal Democratic Government who died for nothing because  America pulled out and left those people to die at the hands of the Vet Cong  and the  corrupt leaders of South Vet Nam got away to America where they now live in the lap of luxury.

Why didn’t Jane Fonda go up to the President and the Congress and the Senate of the United States and kill them instead of three helpless American prisoners in the Hanoi Hilton. Why? Because she and her radical husband Tom Hayden and the Chicago Seven, fought against our soldiers blaming them for some thing they had no control over. Fonda and her husband no doubt knew Bill Ayers and his wife at that time more traitors to this Country.  Do these Hollywood super liberals think that they know what is going on in the world? They are easily led down the garden path, they can’t think with out a script in their hands and their imaginations take over all for the wrong things. They believe what the news media prints, which is always slanted. If you say green they say red, if you say red they say green. They only want what goes against the grain of the American public. There was a huge parade in New York City that went on for hours in support of the America Soldiers in Vet Nam. Did the news media pick that up, no they showed a small group of anti American protesters against our soldiers. That is the anti American thinking of Jane Fonda. Words are like bullets and once they are shot you can never take them back. Jane Fonda’s action against those American prisoners who she went out of her way to destroy is the same thing as words fired that you will some day regret. It will never be forgotten and we will never forget what she did. The American people will never forget.

And  Barbra Walters who in her old age wants more attention, the book she wrote about how she went to bed with guys to get a story didn’t do as good as she thought. Now she wants Jane Fonda to give her show a better rating because Jane Fonda is controversy she does not care what Jane Fonda will suffer mentally because she did nothing in her life for anyone but herself. Name one great thing that Jane Fonda did for Humanity. She is not a great Patriot of the United States, she is a Liberal Democratic Elitists who is against the American people just like the Liberal Democratic Elitists that just bulled their way in by what ever means that they could honest or dishonest and condoned by the news media. Not because they were the right people to run the Country but because they were controversial, and that’s why Barbra Walters wants Jane Fonda to be named one of the 100 women of the Century. There are very few people you can name as great people of the Century, Jane Fonda is not one of them. If Walters can do that she should name Bill Ayers wife and fellow terrorist Bernadine Dorn!