Bureaucracies in Place in America

I wrote this a couple years ago, and it is still true today. 3/02/2016


Bureaucracies in place in America

Here is a great example of Bureaucracy pork that really does no good to keep America safe from terrorists crossing our borders or checking our airports. The United States must have at least 30 government police agencies working through out the United States of America. They cost the American tax payers millions if not billions dollars a year and then there is their pension funds that we the tax payer have to foot the bill. An example ,why can’t say the Chicago Police Department keep tabs on Midway and O’Hara airports they have always watched the airports and everything else. Take a look at Jimmy Carters energy bureaucracy that was supposed to get us off foreign oil and discover ways to be our own energy producing Country. They have been a bureaucracy for more than thirty years and it costs we tax payers 43 billions dollars a year to support this in house pork Bureaucracy, have they done their job finding better ways to get us off foreign oil. NO! They just waste tax payers money. They must employ a thousand people or more. We are more dependent on foreign oil now more than we ever were. And of course we shouldn’t forget that Jimmy Carter sold the Panama Canal to China our enemy. Or we shouldn’t forget Bill Clinton help sell our oil fields in Alaska to England and sold us out to China for money. Now if push comes to shove and England says America can’t have any of this oil we are out of luck. I wonder how much of a kick back the Clintons got for that one.

Once a Bureaucracy or give away program is in place Marxist Democrats and Republicans never shut it down even if it is breaking the back of America and causing the American people to pay more taxies. Look what our Marxists Government has done to Social Security, this one from our first real Marxist President Jimmy Carter, if a person comes into this Country from another Country legally or illegally and he or she is 65 or older that person will receive at least 2,000.00 dollars a month with out never having to work a single day in their life. But if you are a Citizen of the United States born and raised here and a veteran and you worked all your life in the Social Security system you will be lucky to get 750.00 a month and you can’t complain about it. You can go to your Congressmen or Senator and you will get nowhere. Then our Marxist Democrats and Republicans have a couple more give away programs of our tax dollars not theirs they get to keep all their money, bought salary and bribes, which run into the millions and they don’t even have to pay tax on anything, and if they are caught, like a few just recently they get a pass they don’t even have to pay a penalty, Tim Geithner for one, and he got to be the head of the IRS and the Treasury, how about that American Tom Daschle, he didn’t get the job, good thing because he wrote the book on how not to give the American public any medical aid which we all paid for when we paid into Social Security all our lives. Daschle worked for Medical Insurance Companies while he was an elected official and took their money by the bushel full to help them, not you, and now he works for them now as a lobbyist making a couple million a year to bribe his friends in the Senate and the Congress to work against the American tax payer.

Our Marxist Democrats and Republicans have always, since Affirmative Action was put into law all the Black community not only get a free college education but they also get free housing, in Chicago a Black student can apply for and get free housing in any building that has renters and Condos they can be moved in for free, because these builders took Marxist Federal money, Government control in action. Now that we have millions of illegal Mexicans in the United States they get free education, free hospitalization, free money to help support their families and they also qualify for Affirmative Action because they are classed as Black. If Barrack Hessian Obama puts any Bureaucracy into place, watch out for Socialized Medicine at least a minimum of 75,000 people a year will die because you won’t be able to get the health care you need. The United States of America will be thrown back 300 years. Everyone who is not an American Citizen will be taken care of first. As an American Citizen a senior you will not get the care because some Marxist Bureaucrat sitting in some building will be charge of your life and I guarantee you will die by their decision. He will look at the Medical Book of rules of who should be taken care of and who should not. It will read something like this if the person is, 55 or older he or she will not get medical attention because they should die soon with in a few years, why keep them healthy?

WAKE UP AMERICA, Obama is a killer of mankind any one who can condemn 50,000 innocent babies, just in the United States alone, and send money to other Countries to help kill their innocent babies, what makes you think he has feelings for any human being on this earth let alone in the World. He is and claims to be the new god of the Marxist Democrats and Republicans and the World. .

None of these things are good for all of Americans and the Marxist Democrats and Republicans will never take them away, they never have and they never will. Only the American Citizen will suffer and complain sitting around with his friend’s having a beer but will never do anything to stop the abuse, until it hurts him then he or she will cry out for Justice and their will be none, because it is to late. They should have thought about who they were voting for before they voted.