The Dark Ages is upon us

Hillary Clinton, Sanders, Cruz, Kasich will all follow what I wrote some time ago. We are still going into uneducated, “Dark Ages” run by our Communist Presidential Candidates above. These people will follow the Obama doctrine.

Trump is the only true candidate that is the United Sates of America and we the people.


by Dougles Duantless

July 27, 2009

Obama is pushing the United States into the Dark Ages

“We live in the greatest Country in the World!” was one of Obama’s lead in speeches to the College Caucus’s and then he said,” And I am going to change it.” yes Obama with the help of that great Marxist Nancy Pelosi, and her Democratic Marxist Congress, and with the strong help of Senator Read with his Marxist Republicans, including John McCain reaching across the isle to the enemy of freedom, yes Obama is changing America. We are going into the “Dark Ages” where ignorance and stupidity rule. We can’t leave out Al Gore with his sky is falling we must go Green, how about Soyleant Green. Obama’s and the Marxist Democrats and Republicans hatred for America, White people, Jews, Judeo/ Christianity, 50,000 babies are legally murdered a year in the United States alone, and we the tax payers are foot the bill for other Countries to murder their unborn babies. The really sick part of these abortions is his take off that he believes in Science, and stem cell research. This is another Obama lie because with the Obama Health Care Plan you will kill off more Americans, why find a cure when it is easier to kill the people off, like he wants to do.

Another lie and more propaganda put out by the Main Stream News Media. The Scientist have already said that stem cells can give you killing diseases, they are not sure of what stem cell research will do. They also say they can create stem cells with out abortions. Even Oprah Wimphry’s Doctor on her national TV show said that the Scientist don’t know if stem cells can cure anything and she almost fell out of her chair.

Going into the Dark Ages with his Health Care Plan, where it will kill every senior citizen in the United States because they will not and I repeat they will not get Health Care under the Marxist Democrats’ and Republicans Plan. None of these Congressmen or Senators have the Health Care Plan that they want us to have. The Marxist leaders know that Obama’s Health Care Plan is another legalized way to kill more people in the United States. This year no Health Care for people 65 and over, they don’t need to live anymore, next year it will be people 55 and older that Obama will decide that they have to die. But not he or the Marxist Democrats and Republicans, or their families will have to die. Just us.

In this Health Care Plan not only does Obama want more parks and playgrounds so that the Gangbangers will have more places to meet and recruit more children by force they will have wasted more money that the Politian’s can pocket for themselves, while the people pay the bill.

The best is for last, only Minorities will be able to go to medical schools. No white male can. Now this is going to murder more Americans, because Minority Students don’t have to study, in High School, they don’t have to pass an ATC test to get into any College all they do is show up and they walk in and they get a free education and free housing all paid by the taxpayers. Sonia Sotomayor, and she is proud that she was a Affinitive Action person all her life, when she like Obama, and his wife walked up to these Colleges they didn’t take an entrance exam they didn’t need to because they played the Race Card. They didn’t even have to study they were guaranteed a Diploma. Sotomayor was told to start reading children classics because they were easier to understand. She couldn’t read or understand what she was reading. Her cases and her judgments are all based on racism, not law, going backwards to the Dark Ages under Obama Marxist Regime.

The United States wants every County in the world to use cheap Atomic power Plants and we will tell them how to build them and give them the money they need for this project, with the promise they will not build an Atom Bomb. But we can’t build more Atomic Plants. You don’t think that Obama wants to destroy us all? But Obama and his Marxist Democrats and Republicans want America to move backwards, forget about our advances to improve our lives with cheap fuels and electricity, and in medicine, having the highest standard of living in the World. Our standard of living has been going down from Jimmy Carter‘s time in office to do all the damage he could to America and the American people. Now it is Obama’s turn to really throw us back into the Dark Ages. With Minority’s entering into the Medical field and no other race can, how do we cure and heal, disease with Voodoo? That is what is coming for America. Be ready to strike back for freedom at the polls in 2010. Do not let ACORN into your community do not let the New Black Panthers intimidate you, even though Eric Holder will back them up before you fight them. Holder is an elitist Racist like Obama, who just called the Police stupid for arresting his Black Teacher friend form Harvard.

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