Obama had all the help he needed


The news media claims that Obama has destroyed our Military, and the rest of the United States of America. But wait a minute, Obama could not do anything if he didn’t have the complete cooperation of the Demo-rat Progress Communist Senators and Congressmen and also the complete cooperation of all the Traitor Republicans.

Obama had and has all the help he needs to finish destroying our Country. He and Geitthner robbed the Treasury, Putin venue said Obama did a better job then he did when he took over Russia. Again Obama couldn’t rob the Treasury with our the complete help of the Congress. Obama couldn’t leave our borders open with out the Help of all the Demo-rat Progressive and Traitor Republican who like John McCain reach across the aisle and make sure that all the Republicans vote for open borders. McCain also voted that we the people don’t own a gun to protect our selves from our own enemy our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen.

And now we the people have a chance to get a man in the Presidential office who is not part of the establishment that is destroying our Country, but to bring it back to us we the people. Donald Trump. But Cruz and the Bush family with their Super PAC are  trying to set Trump to look like the bad guy when the Bad Guy is Cruz, a real snake. The Republicans want the same thing the Demo-rats do, only they want to be in control of destroying our Country. 100,000 Syrians could not come into this country just because Obama said he wants them if the Congress didn’t want that to happen, which they do. We are being invaded by people who do not believe in the USA, The Muslims believe in Islam and Sharia Law. The Hispanics have more gangs in this Country then we the people.

The Senators and Congress have created  a Dictator like Obama to be in office, only they want Cruz this time who is owned by the New World Order Bush family. Who is trying to set Trump up with all kinds of incidents to make him look bad. Trump  won Louisiana by a large vote, but Louisiana gave Cruz the most delegates. What is going on. Trump wins and the Bush Republican Party gives more delegates to Cruz. That is illegal and Trump should fight it. It is too bad that Cruz is a rat, by making it look like Trump is the bad guy. But if the News Media wasn’t on the Republican side and Cruz to get Trump this wouldn’t happen The News Media want to destroy this Country they could stop Cruz with his lies and the other things he is doing like that supposedly reporter was pushed around by Trumps manager. She has done things like this before. And that other piece of female garbage haired by the Cruz and the Super Pac to say that she was grouped at a Trump rally is another set up to make Trump look like what Cruz is a bad Guy. I would never vote for Cruz or that other goof Kasack.

We the people unfortunately are not protected by our Government against the Muslims who are going to start attacking and killing us and the Hispanics who go around murdering we the people and raping the women at will along with the Muslims and they are protected by law that the Congress and Senate pass laws to protect them from harm but not us.

I feel the Federal Government under Obama, and the Republicans are pushing we the people into a Revolution. There are 300 million of us and we are armed. I can’t understand why 500 people are going to destroy our Country, for what ? And we the people can’t stop[ them?