Murkoski Two Bit snake like Feinstein

Murkowski from that great State of Alaska is the biggest asshole Senator to not vote against  Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Murkoski says she read this and that, (Smack her lips)about the accusations against Kavanahug and in all honesty, she believes a liar  like Ford, who can’t remember what happened. Now it is coming out that Ford and the FBI agent she helped beat the Lie Detector machine to onto the FBI were threatening people to say that they saw Kavanaugh push her into a bedroom. Then in Delaware she and her friend though up the letter that Feinstein told them to write and they would nail Kvanaugh’s ass to to door and destroy him.

Kavanaugh should sit there like a goof and let perfect people like you detory him his family and good. Listen there is a story of a women just like you… she went to the butcher shop and wanted to see a chicken that she was going to cook. The butcher gave her the chicken and she started smelling his behind , under his legs and wing  and body. She tells the butcher that the bird stinks! The the butcher told her “listen lady do you think you could pass a test like that? Murkjoski you stink!!! Do you think you could tkae what Kavanaugh took from these rats and not get mad. You are far from perfect… your a goof, you would be screaming they were against women and everything else.

Miss Stupid Murkoski, Kvanaugh didn’t attack Ford. No one saw him at any Party. He has been exonerated from the Ford lies about him.

Kavanaugh is a stand up man, he is no “Pussy” he fought back like any Innocent would man should fight back after these Nazi SOCIALIST Demo-rat Party scum, tried to destroy him with lies. Murkoski already convicted Kavanauhg  before he had chance too fight back. Murkowski you are a lying peace of shit.You owe President Trump big time for opening Anware to get the oil out of your state so people can make money. but you would rather be with the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party working to destroy our country and our Constitution. What did the Nazi Party promise you? You sold out to the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party. What did the promise you that when they take over the country and turn it into Socialism you will be the owner  and  Queen of Alaska? Your  a Traitor, to this country and to your state and the people of that state for your own capitalist gain from the Nazi Party. You are wrong the Nazi Party is going to loose and you won’t get elected again even though you stole the election the last time so who are you to condemn anyone.

Kavanaugh should sue ever Demo-rat on that Comity, for $10,000,000 a piece  especially Books a Rapist form when he was 15 drugging girls and sexually assaulting  grils and women all his Negro life!.