The Nazi Demo-rats can’t stand to see we the people making money

The Federal Government can’t stand to see working people making money The Nazi Socialist Communist Demo-rat Party and Republican Traitors can’t stand to see we the people making money and getting ahead. Obama, and Nancy Pelosi and the Nazi Demo-rats stopped the Banks from giving us and interest on our money. Yet the Nancy Pelosi, Schumer and Obama made this happen they became super rich not us. The stock market crashed and only the inside people made money in the stock market. All the Nazi Socialist Demo-rats were in on the onside trading and they made millions. The Federal Government can’t stand to see we the people get ahead in our pockets and make a good living have a home raise a family and send them to school.

80% of all the children can’t read, write, or do math when they come out of High School. Why? Because the Federal Government has been in control of education when Jimmy the First Traitor became President and the Big Nazi Demo-rat Party took over. Do you think that for one minute that the Federal Government want our children to be intelligent, know what they are reading to think for themselves. NO!!! And who before Trump became President ran the Government controlled Education Bureaucracy, they were all Black and Homosexual and the Government allowed books by Traitors like Bill Ayers, that hate’s America were put his book into the schools and the students had to buy these books and make this Traitor who hates American and what we stand for and Ayres burns our flag and stamps on it and made him rich. But our Government loves people who hate the USA. That is the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party.

Back in 1929 when the crash came, who did it. Why the Nazi Demo-rat Party did it. People were making to much money investing in the stock market. All the Crashes that have taken place since the civil war have been caused by the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party. When Jimmy Carter went to Germany he came back and on National TV with that shit eating smile on his face told us we have to start sacrificing to keep up with Europe and Germany. Right after that bread went from 25 cents a loaf to $1.25  a loaf and everything else went sky high. But wages were slow to catch up with the extra money we were being charged, then the Demo-rats raised our taxes make sure that we couldn’t get ahead. But work harder and longer to try ad make ends meet. These Presidents and Senators and Congressmen don’t care what happens to we the people they keep getting more rich every year. Anyone of us could have two houses any where in the country just on the “Perks they give themselves” more then their $147.00.00 salary plus all the side money selling us out.

Obama got Trillions of tax free dollars. Ronald Regan was a great president, you think so? He was the President that after the Demo-rats told all the farmers to go out and buy million dollar equipment to run their farms. They were all in debt over their heads, Regan pulled in all the Government loans and 99% of these farmers lost their farms and then our Government sold this land to Germany and China and they made farm factors out our land. and our Farmers went down.

Then was Fannie May and Freddie Mack. Government loans, controlled 99% of all those people lost their homes because of the Federal Government, Nazi Demo-rats named Barney Frank, and the other sexual degenerate Chris Dodd who along with Ted Kennedy a real Traitor sexual degenerate used to sandwich a waitress between then and dry hump her and if she wanted her job she had to bare this kind of sexual degeneration. Dodd and Franks Nazi Demo-rats were the ones who destroyed Fanny May and and Freddy Mack by passing a law that called for the money.

The Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party can’t wait until November to see if they take over the Government again they will take away all the tax cuts and put more taxes on us they will kill all the jobs that came back they can’t stand that we the people might get a brake in our lives. But what do Pigs like Nancy the Tax Queen Pelosi spend almost $300,000.00 a year on Flowers for her self and her bar bill is over $400,000.00 a year. Our money form our taxes not theirs because they don’t pay taxes and if the do it is not more then $100.00.

Look at us now the prices of food keep going up. who ever head of a steak at 2.89 cents a pound and when they weigh it it comes out 27.00 dollars and it is filled with water, after your big steak has shrunk down to nothing. Who is responsible for these high gas Prices gas up top almost $3.00 a gallon. That is taking money right out of our pockets and going to the Federal Government. The Nazi Demo-rats hate all the White people and are trying to exterminate the Black people by law and the biggest killer of Black babies in Eric Holder. Because in the state of Georgia he and his wife own 80% of all Planned Parent hood killer cells by law and make billions of dollars every year over the bodies of these poor innocent Black babies. Do you thin g that this Nazi Socialist Demo-rat who works for Obama cares about the Black people? I don’t think so. West is right the Black people better start thinking for them selves and stop being slaves to the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party, who now the Illegal alien Mexicans to take over as the new slaves of the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party while they exterminate the Black people.