Invasion time for the scum of the earth

It is invasion time for the scum of the earth Illegal Aliens  from south of Mexico and Illegal Alien Mexicans coming to our country trying to bake in.  They unskilled they don’t speak or want to speak English, they want us to speak Spanish. Now President Trump is going to send troops to the Border to stop these Criminals fro pm coming into our Country. But what good is it if our soldiers can’t brae arms on American soils.

You know who started that that serial Rapist Bill Clinton and then that Traitor Obama and it was the Nazi Socialist Communist Demo-rat Party. Why, well Bill Clinton did it first on all our armed Forces bases becasue of Hillary Clinotn who, both hated the Armed Forces and, Hillary the brains of the Clinotn crime family thought that one up to take away our guns. She and her traitor Nazi Demo-rat Party couldn’t take away our right to own a gun but they took away the troops right to have weapons, that’s how that Muslim Terrorist who was in our Aremy killed 13 soldiers and got away with it. He sits in jail getting promotions and pay after killing our soldiers becasue he is one of the preferred people in this Country to ruin it, the Muslims. Brains in there hate traitor asses

Now Obama a real Traitor from the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party who was chosen by one of the most wealthy none Governmental organization the Bliderbergs ( Founded by David Rockefeller)  to become President and destroy our Armed Forces and our country with the invasion of illegal Mexicans and Muslims to over load our system and kill our country. Obama was ans is  the Real Rat Traitor along with the Nazi Demo-rats who stopped all our troops from have weapons on American soil. Because this Rat, Obama was afraid maybe one of the soldiers would kill him, and he does deserve to die because he betrayed our country and almost destroyed us. So Mr President give our soldiers back they guns to protect us from the Invasion of Illegal Aliens who are the worst people that their country has to come here and help the Demo-rat destroy our country. Why have an Army when you take the bite out of them and take away their guns so they can do nothing  to stop the Invasion. And you better stop giving any aid to Mexico who helps these scum come to this  country and drain us dry. That’s the Nazis Socialist Demo- Rats and traitor Republicans practicing open borders and paying for the invasion.

Some say George Soros another Traitor who works against our country right in our faces and gets away with it, has spent 21 million dollars to get these Illegal Aliens here. If Soros spent 21 million dollars for this he got our tax dollars through his foundations by the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat party. Sors use our money to destroy us that the Nazi Demo-rat Party is more then willing to him his our tax dollars to destroy us. Soros never has to use his money for anything but keep his money in world banks and use our money to wreck our Country that is what the Nazi Demo-Rats want to do to us.

If these Traitor want a civil war they just might get one. If there is be sure to destroy the Nazi Demo-rat Party becasue they want to destroy us. Five hundreds people destroying our country. Don’t for any Demo-Rat in November, get out and vote Republican, they aren’t the best but they are better then a Demo-rat.