Senator Rand Paul sticking his nose in where it doesn’t belong


Today Sunday 1010/20/2018, on Fox News with Chris Wallace, who I really don’t think much of because I think he is a phony, was talking to Sen. Rand Paul. They were talking about what President Trump should do about this Muslim brotherhood terrorist, a citizen of Saudi Arabia who was murdered in Turkey supposedly, by the Saudi’s themselves. Then Senator Rand Paul is calling for, we, the US Government and President Trump, shut off all aid, military, and whatever to Saudi Arabia because somebody killed his guy name Khashoggi who is a piece of garbage anyway.

Saudi Arabia is a sovereign nation, they can do whatever they want to. The United States of America has no right to interfere with what a sovereign country does to their citizen. It’s none of our business. And if they did kill Khashoggi, too  bad, he wasn’t a citizen of the United States, he was a Muslim brotherhood terrorist who was attacking his own country Saudi Arabia.

If Rand Paul really wanted to do something that was good for this country or even the world. Why didn’t he try and stop Obama from tearing of the Middle East, from killing Ambassador Stevens and four other Americans in Benghazi. Why didn’t Sen. Rand Paul tell Obama you got to stop funding the Muslim terrorists, you got to stop arming the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist, with guns that are killing our troops. But no Sen. Rand Paul is interested like the fake news media and Chris Wallace to try and nail president Trump to the wall because of some murder we had nothing to with.


Why should president Trump stop all aid to Saudi Arabia? We do not run the world. We should never take part in running the world. We should run our own country, for we the people, and our Constitution and our freedom instead of always looking to help foreign countries that hate us but love our money with whatever garbage they had.

Why isn’t Rand Paul screaming about the illegal aliens coming up from coming from Honduras and Guatemala and everywhere else. An invasion of illegal aliens coming to this country to tax our money to tax the freedom of this country to overload our system and collapse our country so that the Democrats can have new slaves to vote for them in all the elections. Why isn’t Rand Paul willing to fight for and screaming about stopping illegal aliens from coming into this country instead of trying to make Trump look like he’s stupid. You know what it looks like to me, it looks like Sen. Rand Paul is going to make a run for the presidency in 2020. Right now, it’s the thing for everybody to get involved in this Khashoggi killing and blame president Trump and try to cause trouble for president Trump.

We the people don’t give two cents or care about this guy Khashoggi that was supposedly murdered in Turkey. Only fools like Sen. Rand Paul who want to get his face and TV on Fox with Chris Wallace whose another piece of crap commentator and always asking the question,” I got you”!

Rand Paul should mind his own business and take over care of his constituents in his state and keep the illegal Mexicans Hondurans Nicaraguans aliens from coming to his state. Mind your own business we don’t run the world. Saudi Arabia is a sovereign country and they can do whatever the hell they wanted to do. And we can’t stop them.

Obama with Brennan the Communist Muslim CIA, every Tuesday Obama picked out somebody he wanted to have murdered. I remember him saying I’m really good at killing people. Where were you, Sen. Rand Paul to stop Obama from killing people with the CIA. You were hiding under your desk because you have no guts to attack Obama for anything he did.