800 soldiers will not stop the Illegal Aliens


800 soldiers to the border is not going to stop to 3000 illegal aliens from Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, Pan-American. President Trump has to send at least 15 to 20,000 soldiers to guard the borders California, Arizona, Texas and whatever states border Mexico.


Illegal aliens that come into this country should not receive money from our country, should not receive free medical care from our country, should not get free housing from our country, and no free education. Cut off the perks the money, put the illegal aliens in jail for whatever murders they commit fact kill then for, for the murders and crimes that they commit instead of the federal government run by Obama the Demo-rats have capture and release these criminal backs to their country just like England. Then tell them you can come back in a couple weeks and you could still commit crimes in this country it’s okay with us.

The Dem-crats want chaos, crime, overloading the system, they want to destroy this country like no other traitors that we’ve ever had in the history of the United States want to destroy our country. We the people are going to have to stand up to our government, and if it takes a Civil War to stop these animals and tyrants and traitors, that belong to the demo rat party and traitor Republicans like Paul Ryan.


Again, to stop these illegal aliens president Trump has to send more soldiers there than there are illegal aliens coming into this country. Their plan is to rip up fences charge over the border knowing that no one will stop them or shoot them. So Mr. president, you better put about 15,000 soldiers on all of the states to stop these illegal animals from coming into  this country and getting everything free; while we people that work for a living, mostly  white people, have to pay enormous taxes for all these bust outs  including our own grown  citizens bust outs who learned how to swindle money out of the government.


I had a go to the hospital yesterday for a shot in the eye, macular degeneration, while I was there I saw illegal Mexicans walk right in get everything done for free and it makes me mad because people like me have to pay $900,000 a month for medical insurance. That’s besides the Medicare people that don’t for health insurance. And all the rest as long as you’re long as you’re not white you get Medicaid free. We pay, they don’t pay, and the government sticks it to we the people. Remember the demo- rats are the real enemy of our country, of all we the people, of our freedom, our institutions, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Christianity and the Jewish faith. In favor of Islam to destroy our country or even make government the new religion of our country.  They are the tyrants they are the traitors of this nation along with traitor Republicans who always vote with the demo rat party the enemy of the people of the United States of America.