Muslim take over of our Government, Part One:

Bill I was right the Muslims are going to take over our government and our country. Obama and the Bush family brought in the Trojan horse called Muslims and Islam to take over this country. As we can see Muslims are being voted in Congress and they have no brain in their head about United States of America there only thinking of you sharia law. Not the Constitution not the United States of America and not our law. They only think of Islam. Now is islam has no country they only have a religion. Muslims do not attach themselves to a country the attach themselves to their killer religion.

Alllah is not fictitious.. LA exists this article is by J. Grant Swank, Jr.. A wrote this June 27 205 and a save this article for its important right now. Because the Muslims are starting to take over.

Certain atheists in particular consign Allah to superstition. Some religions do the same by regulating Islam’s Deity , Allah, to a figment of the Muslim imagination.

The truth is that Allah is not a figment of anyone’s imagination north fictitious nor a part of the superstitious lore. Allah exists.

In the Old Testament Jehovah warned the Israelite’s not to intermingle with pagan cultures, especially not to marry anyone within these even concretely. Jehovah explicitly stated that doing the same would open the Israeli mine to worship the pagan gods.

If the pagan gods were merely superstitions or figments of the pagan imaginations, then what was there actually to fear? It is true that evening figment of the imagination that is not lined up with the eternal truth can waylay a soul Jehovah. What the matter was far worse than that.

Jehovah prohibited his own people from worshiping other gods for those other guys actually exist. In what form that they exist? They existed as demons, core hearts with the king of the pit, Lucifer, the fallen angel of light.

It is the same with Allah. Allah exists in actuality is the king of the pit, Lucifer, the fallen angel of light. Therefore, when Muslims pray to Allah, it is not merely a figment of their imagination the prey. They pray to the real power. They pray to the devil.

The Bible states that the only true God is God the God of aunt Barb all other dietitians are demons appearing is deities.

Today we witness the power of all law and extremely mighty fashion as the major threat to the entire planet’s existence.

Allah has set up a war against all of those not worship him as the divine that is why Muslims read in their own holy writ that all non-Muslims must be killed. If any Muslim cow or at that dictate, then those cowardly Muslims must be slain as well. All this is stipulated in the Korean.

In other words, the present tense war going on between Muslims and insurgents – that is, Islamic global murderers is a spiritual flight. The forces of hell battle against all that is of the true God.

Therefore, when the United States president George W. Bush and the international forward forces in the new rack she to quell the daily suicide bombers, for example, they are up against the spiritual militia directed by the Devil.

The baseline of the Korean states that Muslims live in non-Muslims die Ella is deity. Mosques are way-station where Ella’s recruits recoup for the next slaying. Clerics in those mosques are mentors for the murder.

That is way – making world does not hear anything from the mosque cleric disciplining his worshiping Muslim murderers. There are no sermons in mosques calling for Muslim chillers to lead on their weapons.

It is the same with Muslims despots . There is no call for world peace from Muslim dictators. They sit idly by while Islamic suicide – prone blowup Muslims in non-– Muslims alike. They do nothing while their citizens read threatens the non-Muslim nations. After all, these Muslim heads of state cannot reveal any cowardice or the will slain by Muslim devotees.

There is no other world religion that espouses showing off those disagree with the religions tenets. However, Islam decreased just that.

One of the devils tricks is to appear pleasant in kind, benevolent and peacefully. That is why the console for American – Islamic relations see a IR works night and day for Islamic public relations and painting the pretty picture of Islam.

As CAIR continues to make inroads in North America, it prides itself in being a community – based supportive segment of the democratic society. Of course, the truth is that anything but, it is one of the most aggressive means by which the Muslim sleeper cells are being planted in North America to take over the continent for the devil – Allah.

Consequently, Islam is not really a a religion as much as it is a killing cult. Yet America closes down killing cults; therefore, US forces must shut down no the Islamic killing cult. Any procrastination is time linked to evil forces for specializing their schemes to capture our culture.