Voter fraud in Chicago along with murder

Someone sent this to me and that person said that in Chicago under the demo rat rule by Rhom Emmanuel ( the trained ballet Dancer) and the gang bangers who run the city of Chicago. The Democrats are now registering all illegal aliens to vote in the next election. Now where is the Department of Justice to go to Chicago and stop these rats trader Democrats from rigging honest elections.

Wherever the demo rat party is in charge you find chaos and murder. In the demo rats harbor criminals in their sanctuary cities. Ended the department of justice will not go into the cities and stop these crimes especially how the rig the elections. That is why every goofy demo rat that there is in Washington and beyond are running for the presidency of the United States of America because they now have the ellgal aliens from Mexico, they owned them and have their vote.

They are the new slaves of the demo rat party. Ended demo rat Congress handles the money pays them $1500 a month per child, free medical, free housing free education. So we already have socialism but only for the select few who the demo rat party control. Illegal aliens bring nothing to the United States but disease ignorance, and crime. They do not contribute to the welfare of United States of America. They take and take and take from us and give us nothing. But that was the Obama doctrine along with all the demo rats and trader Republicans who had their face in Obama’s crotch.

Nancy Pelosi once $350 billion of our tax money to go to countries to make sure that their abortions goal as planned with this money. But she will not and she refuses along with Chuck the rat Schumer not to give Pres. Trump one dollar to build a wall to make America safe from the illegal aliens and most of them are all criminals.

The demo rat party who controls the money gives scum like George Soros billions of dollars to take over small countries in Europe. He gives them a kickback naturally and that’s how uses our money to destroy our country. We pay for the destruction of United States of America. Look at the Muslims. They all have 4or5 wives on the side in the air making babies 8 to 1 to every everybody else in the United States of America. And we pay them thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars a month to support all of these women who are wives of the Muslims but claimed their is no father living at home. That’s how these tribes can buy you you tracts of land with apartment buildings houses. They buy up cities and change them into a Muslim heaven. Look at the two Muslim women that have been voted into Congress they speak freely and wildly in shoulder hatred for the United States of America and the Jews. Ended demo rats love this. Because they want the United States of America destroyed just like the Muslims want this country destroyed so they can take it over and rule the world. And how were they able to do all of this. We helped them they started OPEC are crooked presidents took the money from Saudi Arabia we made Saudi Arabia rich and the King of Saudi Arabia sent out the Muslims to conquer the world not by fighting but by having children and taking their time like a 50 year plan so that they will outnumber everybody in that country and take a country over and destroy it. So to demo rat party with the help of the Muslims illegal aliens from Mexico are going to destroy the United States of America. We have more enemies in this country that the demo rat party supports than anywhere else in the world. The biggest them in the enemy is Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Obama ended demo rat party. Our government senators and congressmen, the bureaucracies, half of the Supreme Court judges led by Roberts was a traitor want this country destroyed. I see it coming. So save you guns by ammo and be ready to defend the United States of America against our enemies that have been planted here in the United States to destroy us by the demo rat and traitor Republicans like to 43 Republicans that gave up their seats this year to make sure that demo rats were elected to stop president Trump from advancing our country to where everybody is free save our Constitution, save our Bill of Rights, save we people and make us more prosperous. The demo rats want us under their thumb chillers socialism no rights no money. Muslim and rule rule in the United States