Cortez versus Amazon

This is what I think happened in New York with Amazon and Cortez. That made Amazon move on. I think, I don’t know, for sure, that Cortez tried to blackmail Amazon into giving her a piece of the action in money. Maybe she told them if you don’t cut me in and give me X amount of dollars or control of MS Amazon in New York I’ll boycott you.

Amazon being tough, and not standing for blackmail, told her no and they moved on. Now Jessie Jackson does it all the time, and got his son the richest Budweiser distributors franchise in the country. Jesse Jackson, who told Budweiser if you don’t give me this were going to boycott you, meaning the black community.¬† Budweiser being weak and afraid of Jesse Jackson, caved in and gave him and his son the Budweiser franchise for the whole city of Chicago. That franchise is worth millions and millions of dollars per year for the Jackson family. And I think that’s what Cortez tried to do the same thing. But again Amazons owner is strong and refused to give her any kind of franchise, or money to open up his headquarters in New York city. And now de Blasio Being a good loyal demo rant socialist communist is instead of blaming Cortez¬† he is blaming Amazon, typical Democrat blackmail. I am glad that these companies don’t stand for being blackmailed, by these minority politicians anymore. About time.