Nancy Pelosi is a Russian agent

Who is a real Russian agent in our Congress why it’s Nancy Pelosi. She ran the Congressional progressive Caucus the shadow party hiding inside the demo red party that was seized by George Soros in the 60s radical. Nancy Pelosi took her orders from a non-government think tank in Washington DC that is the Institute for Policy Studies that take their orders directly from Russia. There are 87 Congressman in Congress that Nancy Pelosi was the head of in operation of guiding these 87 Congressman to think progressive Marxists socialism. When she got elected the first time, chairman of the house. She handed over this Russian Marxist socialist thinking, and 87 people to Bernie Sanders a hard-core Marxist socialist.


Bernie Sanders is still a hard-core Marxist/socialist, who was still taking his orders from Russia. Both these two people are extremely stupid and they just have loudmouth that really propagandize and hurt our country. To me Nancy Pelosi is extremely stupid an has been a Marxist socialist for years before she was elected into the Congress. She doesn’t have the b brains to come up with these laws that work against  we the people and President Trump. These new gun laws, these other laws to stop president Trump from protecting our nation, with high border walls that have bob wire on the top so these people can’t come into our country illegally anymore. She takes her orders, still from the Marxist think tank that is controlled by Russia and tells her what she can do to stop the United States from moving forward in any direction to help the United States of America, to bring money to the United States of America, to keep capitalism.

To keep the First Amendment and Second Amendment Pl ace. forever. But, these think tanks, that are run by socialist Marxists have other ideas, and Nancy Pelosi is the useful idiot to put them forward in Congress to the demo red party who are all idiots and don’t have the brains that they claim to have to be elected to run the country.

Other Marxist socialist agents, look at  Bill Clinton for selling two nuclear plants to North Korea for $5 billion. Hillary Clinton sold our uranium mines to Russia for just front money that we know about $145 million for their money laundering foundation. They also have other foundations that they launder money through that nobody will look at them because they’re above the law

The progressive socialist Marxists of the United States couldn’t have been more happy when Obama got elected president. Obama is another person that doesn’t have the brains to run anything let alone the country he also took his orders from Marxist socialist think tanks how to destroy our country. He had the help of the complete demo rat party and traitor  Republicans to destroy our country. One of the best communist ways to help destroy our country besides forcing a country to have two languages is to put that country in debt, and that’s  exactly what George Bush did by borrowing money from China which we never needed, and that’s exactly what Obama did for eight years borrowed trillions and trillions of dollars to put us in debt to another country. More Marxist progressive socialists ideas to destroy the United States of America. Now the other one was to bring in as many Muslims into this country as he could so they could take over the government in about 20 years which are starting to do right now and then bring in people who can’t even read their own language can’t hold a job  don’t even know what a flush toilet, into this country and put a bigger burden on us that we have to pay for all of these people. The government destroying our religion Judeo-Christian religion, the middle class, white America!

The reason Nancy Pelosi all the demo rats and all the traitor Republicans got away  with working with  Obama because he allowed them to steal all the money they could. To sell us out to every foreign country in the world including China, Russia, North Korea whoever would pay money to senators and congressmen and their children who they gave million-dollar jobs to in the foreign country. And then Obama cut up the trillions of dollars between his loyal following in the Senate in the Congressmen who are Progressive Marxists /socialist.


Nobody can tell me any different, because all the things that Obama incorporated were Marxist socialists ideas to destroy the United States of America. Don’t forget Obama kept all the money that the police got from raiding drug dealers, he  put that all in his pocket tax free, like it was his tip for being the worst President in the history of our country.. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders never said a word about that, never told we the people about that. And they let Obama commit all kind of crimes against our country and our people. The Obama administration, in my opinion, caused all the mass murders in soft targets like killing children and other people who couldn’t defend themselves for the sole purpose of destroying the Second Amendment of the United States of America. This amendment wasn’t written to protect we the people against each other it was written to protect us from a tyrant Marxist socialist government run by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Sanders and now Miss Ignorant Cortez.


But for the greatest president in the history of our country, president Trump, they are looking to destroy hidden every day 24 hours a day and they’re taking their orders directly from Marxist socialist think tanks how to destroy our country. In the book shadow world by Charles  Chandler he explains everything in plain English with facts that explains to every body how and why this country is being destroyed. Destroyed by Islam, the Trojan horse to destroy the country that Obama brought in, and the legal Mexican by the thousands that Obama and the demo ret party in the traitor Republicans have allowed to come into this country.

Russian agents the head of it is Nancy Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer into demo rat party with the help of traitor Republicans. There they are right in front of us