Wallace is against Trump!

First of all Chris Wallace is an ass hole and a never Trumper! Wallace was always against Pres. Trump from day one. Because he’s a liberal, goof who think he’s a big shot because he’s got a show on Sunday for Fox and he is trying to torpedo Pres. Trump.

Wallace kept pushing Pompeo about Russian collusion and that the president United States talk to Putin. As the president of the United States he can talk to anybody he wants to. But it’s rats like Chris Wallace who want to interject that he’s working against the United States. “Lions and tigers and bears oh my”, when in reality where was he, Chris Wallace to question his great god Obama, with Obama on an open mic told the president of Russia that would have more latitude after he was elected president That he would be better situated to well help Putin out. He knew his presidency was in the bag because he was with a set up, Mitt Romney, who was told by the Bildberg to back off we do want you elected we want Obama to be elected.

So my question is why didn’t the great Chris Wallace and all the rest of these groups that are on Fox that are against Trump. Grill Obama about cutting deals with Russia on the side for himself and fixing election for Obama. Why didn’t Chris Wallace get on Hillary Clinton’s case when she sold our uranium mines to Russia for hundreds of millions of dollars that she put in her pocket her phony money laundering Foundation. Now that’s collusion! But like all liberals and ass holes like Chris Wallace they want to go after the only president in the history United States of America that worked fos and is working for the United States of America the people of the United States of America and trying to keep America safe from illegal aliens over populating and destroying our country. So what is Chris Wallace rag on, will Muller said he was colluding with Russia.

Pres. Trump was cleared by that rat Oberset Muller, hail Hitler!!! There is no collusion there is no proof collusion. There is nothing to say Pres. Trump lied. So Chris Wallace why don’t you give it up and just do as you’re doing just stick with the Demo-rats and and everybody else that’s against the United States of America. If it wasn’t for your father you be viable shoveling horse shit down so some alley.

And I turned you off, because you’re nothing but a dupe for the Demo-rat party. There is no news you want there to be news, you’re trying to make news but you look like a goof trying to make the news because it’s all over about Russia trying to rig the election for Trump . If Russia would collude with anybody to fix the presidency of the 2016 election it would’ve been for their operatives Obama and Hillary Clinton stupid. But like all good traitors to the Republic of the United States of America, you take your seat at the head of the class working for the worst people in the world, the demo rat party and traitor Republicans. Believe me your ratings ain’t never going to up. We the people don’t like you going to cut you off. If I was the head of Fox you be the first guy to go. Is your jerk.