Rand Paul, watch out for this guy.

Rand  Paul is  an asshole to say or even hint that there is no corruption in

In the Senate and in the Congress of both parties plus all the bureaucracy there is corruption. The people of the United States know there is corruption in our federal government because the federal government works directly against we the people of the United States. And they all work for themselves with foreign governments by giving them our secrets, military and otherwise. For their own capital gain just like Rand Paul, his hands are dirty like everybody else’s taking money from China, Ukraine, the North Korea, if you remember the other traitor, Bill the rapist Clinton sold North Korea, a communist country our enemy all the secrets including how to build nuclear plants so that they could build an atomic bomb. He sold that to North Korea for $5 billion, I want to know how much was his kickback out of the 5 billion to put in his pocket to make North Korea a threat to the free world with an atomic bomb.

Kerry is a traitor, most of the movie stars or traitors, and guaranteed everyone that’s in the Congress and the Senate and the people that were in the regimes of Obama and Clinton and all the rest of the rats that were presidents before our great president, Pres. Trump, committed treason against this country by selling all the secrets to our enemies and friends alike, so that if push ever came to shove we might lose because they have the same equipment that we do; because they sold it to them for money.

Now everybody that was in the government vice presidents their staff this and that who have clearance to all the secrets they are now civilians including the presidents for all our secrets so they can keep selling all the secrets to our enemies. They are not with government anymore, they do not have to have this clearance to all the secrets especially people like Kerry, a known traitor from the Vietnam war, Obama, all his staff and his regime can open up all the secrets to this country anytime they want and sell it. Biden can open up all the secrets that our country has and sell it. Nancy Pelosi can open up all the secrets she wants and sell them to anybody she wants and they do.

That’s why they hate Trump because they can’t work dishonestly anymore and put money into their pockets for themselves while destroying the United States of America.

The politicians said that the presidents should not be able to stay in office more than two terms because they might become too powerful and destroy our country. Well the same thing goes for senators and congressmen that have stayed in the offices for too long because they are now using their power to destroy the United States of America. Nobody should stay in the Senate or the congress  more than two terms, and the senators should only stay for three years and not six. Because eventually Pres. Trump was going to leave office, and who knows if the Demo-rats will take over again and come at the we the people to destroy us take all our money treat us like dogs so were very poor and have to beg the government for a handout, not me. I would sooner have a Civil War against our congressmen and senators than to let them destroy my country that I fought for and most of my friends that were in the Marine Corps with me at that time died, and that was a UN war. A no win war.

So Rand Paul is a real ass hole and I don’t know why anybody even pays attention to this goof, soft soaping Joe Biden and his son to two traitors selling we the people all to foreign countries for big money and laugh at us because were all stupid.

One more thing when are we  going to start convicting these people and putting them on trial,and send them to jail for at least 10 years, for their crimes against the United States of America. When is Hillary Clinton going to go on trial for her crimes that were treasonous, Kerry, all the FBI people, and now Biden and the Obama regime. When are  the people going to see some action from the government indicting these people from committing crimes against our president and we the people of the United States of America. I am tired of seeing the government dragged their feet and give everybody a pat on the head and maybe we the people will forget that all of these people committed a crime against our president and we the people of the United States. We the people will never forget!!

FRom Breitbart News:


On Sunday’s broadcast of “Meet the Press,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said most Americans believe there was “corruption involved” with 2020 presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden regarding his business ties in Ukraine.

Paul said, “I think a lot of Americans see the $50,000 a month Hunter Biden was making and it doesn’t pass the smell test. I think most people do think there is corruption involved with Hunter Biden. I hope we do get to the bottom of that.”

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