Drain the Swamp!!!

In order for us to drain the swamp we must have TERM LIMITS! TERM LIMITS, TRIM LIMITS!
Our enemy, our Senators and Congressmen of both Parties, are destroying the United States of America, our freedom our Constitution our  BIll of RIGHTS!

The new communist demo rat party run by the communist Queen Nancy Pelosi who has too much power, who has been in office for too long to acquire billions of dollars that she stole using the government for her own use so her family and her would be super rich while making us we the people super poor. The only way to stop these professional politicians that have been politicians all their lives and have acquired so much power and billions of tax free dollars ,that they can feel like they can destroy a president that was only legally elected by we the people, They must have TERM LIMITS. And that has to be soon. A senator doesn’t need to be there for six years. He can be elected, for three years, and can only run twice. These people get elected time after time after time because the people are stupid and appathtect . They elect these people because they don’t care what they can do these people do.

Well I’ll tell you what they can do, the same thing that Hitler did and the same thing that Stalin did destroy the country destroy the people. Destroy our freedom destroy our Constitution destroy our sovereignty of our nation and bring in the new world order. Congressmen only need two terms at two years a piece. Their pay has to be cut in half, they get no perks of millions of dollars to go play golf and buy thousand dollars tailor-made suits and dresses, for their family their children to get a college education with our tax dollars and they go free and we pay for them. They don’t need our dollars, they don’t need our tax dollars let them work like the rest of us.

Another way that we have to drain the swamp is destroy the unions that our enemy, congressmen and senators both demo rat traitor Republicans, took millions and millions of dollars from the unions so that they can get in and unite unionize government employees. That you can never fire because of the union. And they just sucked this country dry of our money and do nothing to earn it. But they sell us out to the highest bidders just like our senators and congressmen sell us out to foreign countries. All these people who have been in a regime that are in high places both Republican and Democrat have still have access to the secrets of the United States, and they’re selling them to every foreign power that is out  in the in the world.

They don’t have to have access to the secrets of the United States of America once they are out of office. They are civilians again and that includes all ex-presidents especially rats like Jimmy Carter, traitor president who sold the Panama Canal to China our enemy. To the Bush family who are tied to the hip to the Saudi Arabians for oil and sell us out to the Muslims for oil. To the Clinton’s,  the biggest crime family in the history of the United States,  that can commit murder, blackmail, sex crimes against children, with their friends like Epstein who furnished them with children that they can have sex with. And they walk free, and they are true traitors to the United States of America. Clinton sold to North Korea, a communist country, our enemy, $5 billion to have a two new  nuclear reactors put up in your country plus how to make an atomic bomb to destroy the world.

How much money did Bill Clinton get from that 5 billion billion, more than half of that money went to him. How much money does Bill Clinton get from China from making them the number one person or country that we deal with a month, it’s in the millions of dollars that China still pays Bill Clinton and the Clinton crime family to their foundation what he can launder all the money they want. Hillary Clinton is a spy and a traitor to the United States of America and she sold us out for money also. All we can’t forget the Bill Clinton’s deal, when he sold our oil standard oil to England. Oil that was found in our country in Alaska..

The other part of the swamp that has to be drained, is the bureaucracies, these people are no better than thieves hanging around selling us out to the highest businesses for money to create laws by themselves to satisfy certain people to destroy farms and forests and jobs. Look with the ecologist did for garbage, we have incinerators that can burn tons of garbage that come from a garbage truck into a brick, so what,  do we have,  to bury it, to stop the pollution in the air. Well let me tell you something, how are you going to stop the pollution from the garbage that seeping into our water shelf right now from all of these mountains that are to 300 feet I full of human waste and garbage. Nobody wants to look at you and tell you anything about that today. Our enemy our government is doing everything to destroy us we the people in our country.
What about this fantastic law that both parties past that all the money that is collected in taxes from everything you have to have no money left at the end of the year. So what do they do with the money most of it goes in their pocket, for their pet projects that their relatives run for them to steal fortunes our money.

Then they give money to all the socialist countries in the world so that socialism can stay alive. Through the UN and other diverse ways to give them money our money. They don’t mind making us poor they don’t mind destroying us we the people because they are rich and they will always live good but we will live like shit. To break the bureaucracies you have to cut the money out, all is tax money that’s wasted should be given back to we the people, we can use the money forget about these foreign countries who cares about them, I don’t and we shouldn’t. Because it’s all phony half of the money that they send out to these foreign countries they get back in their pockets, and the leaders keep all the money for themselves, and don’t kid yourself that these thieves aren’t doing that, they steal everything they can get their hands on and they get away with it because they make the laws. The they beg us for money to run for office so they can stick it to us and walk away rich, Traitors and Rats that we elect to congress and the senate. Give them nothing, they stool enough to support ten families for the next two hundred years. McConnell, gets 25 million dollars quarterly from his wife’s family’s shipping company that serves Communist China Alone.

Stop the swamp, stop the bureaucracies, give the money back to the people that is too much that they collected, we can use the money. Term limits for everyone. Cut their pay in half they don’t do nothing but destroy the country and steal, then they have the nerve the beg you for money so that they can get reelected to Rob from you some more to destroy your country can to destroy your life to destroy your freedom and you want to give these guys money when they have still stolen more money than you could shake a stick at The perks alone that they give themselves millions of dollars. While we the people have to struggle all our lives to make a decent living so that we can support our families have a house have a car.

Our enemy our government doesn’t want us to even have that, they want us to have an nothing. They want to take away our Constitution they want to take away our Bill of Rights they want to take away our right to live. They are only interested in nonwhite people, Muslims, they are the enemy, our politicians,  traitors like Nancy Pelosi. Will always live big while the rest of us have to beg like dogs in the street. To stop these people, and take away their power we have to have term limits now in the 2020 election is to get rid all of these people. Then maybe we might have an honest government that works for the United States and we the people of the United States.

Otherwise we need a Civil War with our Bibles and our guns and take back our country and our freedom, and our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. And the deport all the Muslims, and illegal aliens, and Latino criminals that are in this country. That are free to commit crimes and come back and kill people get a pat on the wrist go back to where they came from a come back again and do the same thing all over can . That is what the demo rat party loves, chaos and crime.