Trump keeps picking the wrong people!

I hate to say it but Trump as far as Romney is concerned has extremely bad judgement in helping people. As we have seen that they all turn against him. You know it is that old New York bull-shi from the movie the Godfather. “Keep your friends close, and keep enemies closer..” Wrong, the MAfIA says destroy your enemy before he destroys you. That’s the real MAFIA. Trump knew that Romney was a Traitor RAT and he helped him get the Senate set from Utah.

Trump is surrounded by enemies and he should destroy them, because none of them are clean.Because they all took money from everybody to push their agenda and not protect the USA or we the people.

That reminds me…

Just the other day I got a bill from cable TV up $10.00. Guess who passed a law that allows Cable TV to raise the price of TV that should have been free in the first place. That Cry baby drunk Republican who kissed Obama’s crotch and worked hand in glove with Obama and the Demo-Rats to make sure the people are kept poor and dependent on the Socialist/ Communist Government run by the demo-RATS John Boehner. Boehner took over a million dollars from the Cable companies to pass this law in their favor and screw we the people, Boehner gave Obama his cut and the bill was passed and we now have to pay an unbelievable amount of money for Cable. who benefitted, why the the Congressmen from bought Parties. You know what the Motto and all the X-presidents, except Trump is, …”Fuck the People!!!”

President Trump is the Only President that works for our country and we the people.