Judge Emmet Sullivan a Demo-RAT

Well why doesn’t Judge Emmet Sullivan want to keep Gen. Flynn in court by overruling his own rules about letting third parties write briefs and come in as witnesses in his court.

First of all Sullivan is black, racist, put in office by Bill Clinton, Sullivan is a Democrat, he still works for the Clintons in the Obama’s and he is protecting Hillary Clinton, the FBI, Obama and the rest of the Demo-rats that falsely accused Gen. Flynn of lying broke him financially on purpose, and wanted to put them in jail. When he was framed by the Clintons to protect themselves, the Obama’s, to protect themselves and their regime who started all of this in the first place were the ones that actually had Flynn picked up by the FBI. When he asked if he needed a lawyer they said no. Then the jackpoted him.

Now it’s coming out that all of these rats that want to overthrow the government in the demo rat party and the Republican traitors like Mitt Romney, along with his pal Chuck Schumer, and  Nancy Pelosi. To save themselves and their criminals who are Demo-rats and who tricked Gen. Flynn and said he lied and he didn’t lie.

So again Judge Sullivan, is black, racist, hates the United States of America and the soldiers of our country just like the Clintons in the Obama’s do. Judge Sullivan is protecting all the people that Flynn is going to tell us about that tried to overthrow the government. He works for the Clinton’s and Obama and the Demo-RAT PARTY!