Term limits !!!

If the people of the United States of America value our freedom, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our Republic, we must have term limits for all politicians. They are the ones that are destroying our country. All the senators and congressmen of them been in office for 20 and 30 and 40 years.

They have acquired all the wealth and power through our tax dollars and they are going to destroy our country and we the people. They have already started to destroy our country with socialism/communism by creating a two language country, a country where you can belong to two countries at the same time, they support every known group and enemy that we have in the world what our tax dollars to destroy our country.

The Bush family, with their new world order, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, all the people of power who unfortunately are of the Jewish persuasion that are running this country are the ones who want us become socialist and communist. Every demo-Rat wnats us to become socialists communists. In that particular society the rich rule and we the people become their slaves.

In the socialist/communist government people are just so much cattle and when they see fit to kill off a few million people they just go out and kill a few million people for any reason that they deem fit. You see this now in Europe with the regional government that tells you who can be saved with doctor’s care and who cannot be saved. That is socialism/communism at its best.

Socialism and communism is basically for super wealthy people that run the world. A good example is in our all our senators and congressmen who have been in office for many many years and accumulated billions and  billions if not trillions of dollars for themselves and their family. They hold the power to destroy our country. They work hand-in-hand with the Bilderbergs, that Consist of the wealthiest companies in the world and  wealthiest people in the world kings Queens princes do this data the world of England the 7% of the people that control all the money in the world it was created by the richest people in the world by David Rockefeller. And the bill the burgs are created to destroy our country through our politicians because they own them. The Clintons, Bill Hillary and her daughter are on the steering committee for people to join the bilderbergs. Dianne Feinstein, Sen. from California is a big time Bildberg. Super rich accumulating all her trillions of dollars through her office as Sen. for the last 36 or 37 years or more. Accumulating money and power our money.

The Bilderbergs are the ones that brought Obama to the presidency of the United States of America. They are the ones that chose Romney and Marco Rubio (rubio is the exact twin of Obama, never worked a day in his life and has huge tyes to the Homoseula community, look it up when he was in collage ) to run for president and they run to these people like dogs panting for a bone. It’s all about money and power and world dominance of money corporations and money people. They never take into consideration we the human beings, the regular working guy. To them we are so much garbage, and cattle that are useless to them at certain ages and that we should be put to death. People will only be allowed to his or serve the Masters of the world.

Who are our elte congressmen, senators, and the richest of all the regimes that have run this country like Obama’s people Susan Rice and her family help run the news media the fake news media by the way. Then there are those political appointees like Comey the FBI guys Bill Barr a whole network of people who are above the law you and I, as people are not above the law those in the political world sponsored by the Democrats and traitor Republicans who want to destroy our country protect these evil people from all the crimes that they’ve committed against the United States of America..

We are constantly informed of how all of these people have broken the law, committed treason made this country a banana republic. They are all guilty, yet none of them including Hillary Clinton and her husband and their crime family for selling secrets to the enemy. Clinton sold more secrets to our communist friends, China, North Korea anybody that would give him a few million dollars or kickback on the money that he got for them I think he’s the worst. But all of these people because they are the ones that want to destroy this country and belong to the Bilderbergs and the Democrat party will never go to jail. There are two laws, one for the people when you get arrested you go on trial to go to jail or you go to death row,  The super wealthy politicians that run this country they commit all the crimes they want any kind crime and they don’t go to jail. They will never go to jail.

That is why it is imperative, and extremely impaired that we the people demand that they put term limits on every senator and congressmen regardless of his party so they don’t have the power, lose the power and money to destroy our country and we the people of the United States of America stay free..

Because when Trump can’t run anymore, and the Democrats take over they are going to destroy us. So far the only thing that is keeping is free is the Second Amendment and our politicians are doing everything they can to take that away from us.

To save the United States of America, and we the normal people the hard-working guy that keeps this country alive and in time of war keep this country safe we have to stop these people and the only way to stop them is with term limits.