Stop babying Biden

The only TV station that is halfway for president Trump, is Fox News. There’s only, let’s see three or four people that are for Donald Trump.  Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram and some of the people on the 6 o’clock’s Fox News.

I think that Sean Hannity especially is going soft on Biden. Why doesn’t he bring up the fact that Biden, Kerry, and even Nancy Pelosi’s son was exposed to being part of these  family cell of traitors. Kerry and Biden and Nancy Pelosi set up their children to be foreign agents in foreign countries as traitors to the United States of America. They get paid millions and millions of dollars so that when these countries need something or want something, they own Biden, Kerry, Pelosi and anyone of all the politicians especially the Demo-rats. Their children are working with their parents to sell secrets to foreign nations  for big money. They have their children set up in all these countries so that when these countries demand a secret, any secret. Let’s say they want the secrets to building a drone. Well that was easy because Obama I don’t know how much money he got from that , but he just flew one or had one our Drones flown right into Iran and landed there so that they  ran to take it apart see what we did copy what we did and then use it to kill our soldiers. Obama a true Muslim Traitor.

These other traitors, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi,  I can probably put them all in there because they probably all have their children working for foreign countries enemies and friends alike selling our secrets to anybody that has the price.Hillary Clinton did it with the help of Obama, when she sold to Russia our Uranium mines for  the right price which is millions of dollars.Obama nor clinton didn’t own those mines we the people the real government owns them.

They want money, from these countries that t our traitor politicians have put their traitor children into, they make the call the daddy or mommy and say the guy wants 50 million. The call comes back from mommy and daddy,” tell them we will give them 15 million and will keep the rest.” Supposedly all legitimate and all tax-free.

So why doesn’t the Sean Hannity bring up this book called secret Empire by Peter Schwarzer it’s all there it gives all the secrets how KJerry, and Biden have their children as partners, even Biden is now teaching his niece how to become a traitor and belong to his cell becoming a traitor.

Even Mitch O’Connell is in their about his wife and the shipping company that her family owns that ships everything from communist China throughout the world. the book talks about Obama how he accumulated his billions by selling the country out so why doesn’t Hannity get on Biden’s case and tell the people not only that he tells Biden is a  little soft in the head, but that’s just the front. Biden is a very scheming clever guy he knows how to steal money hand over fist and he’s been doing it for 50 years. Just check the money they don’t make enough the owner four million-dollar home, cash, but he does. Maxine Waters owns a home in Brentwood California about $8 million, how did she become to afford and $8 million house with servants, on a congressmen’s pay.

It’s easy, they sell the country out to the highest bidders. They slide open the drawers to make more laws for these people and these people drop envelope for millions of dollars into their drawer and that’s how they get to accumulate $8 million home not on their salary but I’m then taking bribes and saying that it is a political donation. Then they pass a law that says they can use the political donations for themselves. That’s better than being a professional criminal. That makes the Mafia look like Boy Scouts and I’ve said that over and over.

Then they come up with dog and pony shows and try to tell us what good people they are and how they are working for us. If you believe that, there is a bridge in Chicago that’s called the Grand Avenue bridge and I will sell you that bridge or parts of it for a dollar every 50 feet.

So I want to see Hannity, Carlson, Ingram bear down on this traitor rat son of a pitch that their pushing to become the president of the United States of America.

Don’t forget they trained and created a family cell of traitors themselves to destroy the United States of America for millions of dollars. They don’t care because they won’t have to suffer only we the people will suffer but they’ll say rich and will never suffer anything.

I hope the people of America that have any brains at all,  votes out all these radical leftists demo rat politicians and their friends out of office.

Also don’t forget that it’s the demo rat party that is sponsoring Black Lives Matter Terrorist group and ANTIFA and for through George Soros our tax money to keep the rioters going destroying demo rat cities. The Demo-rats want mob rule  and chaos. Quit babying Biden, he’s no baby, he’s a grown up traitor rat son of a bitch.