All True

In the USA any Demo-rat and Rhino Republican who is a Traitor, in our Government, Joe Biden selling our Secrets to China and giving them billions of our Tax dollars to China, and the Ukraine Via his son, a Traitor like his father, laundering money back to his father, and selling us out.

Notice that the Ukraine and China have the same kind of ships and Planes and other weapons like we have we have. That thanks to Joe the Traitor Biden his son, John Kerry and his step son and Obama cutting up billions of dollars for themselves while they destroy our country and they stay super rich.

I agree that Kerry should have been hung right along side of Jane Fonda giving aid to our enemy that was killing our troops and she got a couple guys beaten to death because the trusted her to help them when they gave her their notes and she turned them to the Vietnam Communist guards and the beat these guys to death while Fonda watched and smiled as they were beaten to death.

And the photo below from Louisiana Mikle, is true but Biden is on the wrong end he should be in the front with his mouth open for his god Obama, Obama though nothing was better then to have an old white man suck his Dick.  Biden fits it ti a tee.


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