Cory Booker phoney Rat

Demo rat presidential runner Corey Booker is like all his kind a rapist. He wrote an article for magazine how he raped this girl. First naturally he drugged her and while she was drug he had sex with her. Cory Booker, is another serial Rapist like Bill Clinton.  Joe Biden and Obama has his brains between their legs and only thinks through that brain.

And it’s just another piece of garbage coming up that you want to pay all black people all for being slaves the 250 years ago. There is no black person living today that has any connection to slavery or the Civil War. It’s just Booker trying to get the black vote because he wants them to think that he’s for them and is going to get the money because they were slaves. What a piece of shit this White/Negro is. How do the scum of the nation get elected to these positions in Washington DC. A vote for Cory Booker is a vote for no freedom is a vote for slavery itself is a vote to destroy the United States of America. Any Democrat you vote for is a vote to destroy the country. Only president Trump can save us for another four years. After that God help us who knows what’s going to happen.