Fox News working for Biden

The news media, including Fox most of all, and everybody else all the TV programs that are against Trump. I see that Fox is against Trump. The fake news media that’s written paper is against Trump. They are all pulling the same shot that they pulled to get the Democrats elected to take over the government in the second year of Pres. Trump’s presidency. They convinced the people to vote for the Democrats and they put the Democrats in so that Trump hands would be tied behind his back and in the news media would have something to write about.

The voters fell for the propaganda that the Democrats should get voted in and that stupid voters voted for. But also was one of the reasons that about 20 or 30 Republicans who were actually Democrats resign their seats so they wouldn’t help Trump. They, like most of them believe in the “new world order” created and was told to us that it was going to take over by that great president George Bush senior (HAIL HITLER)! And now it’s here the Democrat party and half of the Republican Party want to destroy this country and turn this into the socialist/ communist country and the news media including Fox is doing everything they can to convince the population to vote for Joe Biden, a traitor who sold us out to all the countries with his son for millions and millions of dollars and gave them all our secrets as soon as his son sent word that the Chinese and the Russians whoever Biden is working with needed our secrets.

And now the news media, the fake news media,(because that’s all their is) and Fox are giving Biden so much airtime that they want him to be the next president of the United States of America.
That means the end of the United States!

Now, when I was a young man and I joined the Marine Corps we took an oath to protect of the United States of America and our Constitution from the enemies outside and inside our country. Not Congressmen, Senators or Presidents, Our enemy right now is our federal government, are theĀ  traitors in the Democrat party, congressmen and senators whose head is Nancy Pelosi, the snake, who has always been working for the Communist Party. If everybody remembers she was the Gorbachev’s idiot. Also a confessed professed socialist communist by his own words Chuck Schumer. Everybody in Washington who was against Pres. Trump and the freedom of our country and to get our country back again andĀ  put money in the people’s pockets ,are traitors and the people better wake up and vote out the Democrats who are destroying our country because if they get in again, we are going to be worse off than any Third World country there is in this world. And will you be control by another corrupt super corrupt organization that we the United States, stupid that we are, created call the UN.

So our Army ,Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force, if the Democrats get in and they want to change our country the socialist country and do away with our Constitution it is there obligation to step in and save the United States of America from becoming a socialist communist country with no Constitution. If they can’t do that then it’s up to we the people millions and millions of us who own a gun to march on Washington and take back our country by force.

Here is a quote from Thomas Jefferson over 200 years ago and it’s good today: “the strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is as a last resort to protect themselves against tyranny in government!” That is what we have now the Democrats leading the way and the Barack bureaucracies leading the way and the Obama government still intact.

Another quote from Thomas Jefferson:” the greatest calamity which could befall us would be submission to a government of unlimited power! Again word spoken 200 years ago and now the issue up to the and they are right and the Thomas Jefferson is telling us what we have to do to save our country.