Liberal Actor trying to push immigration!!

Italy’s Interior Minister Had the Perfect Response to Richard Gere Intervening in Country’s Immigration Issues.

Gere had the nerve to tell the minister of the interior of Italy that Italy should take all of these migrants into Italy from Africa. But the minister told actor GERE why don’t you take you take them your  so interested in them when you’re worried about them your wealthy, take him home with you, feed them you take them and you take care of all their healthcare’s  take them to your house if you’re so if you are so liberal you handle it. And I agree.

Who is this stupid actor who thinks he’s such a good guy and he’s going to protect people which is a Crock of shit. Like all liberals especially rich actors like this who have millions, hundreds of millions of dollars, you take care of these people, because I’m safe from them  I don’t have to live with them, you do because I live in an ivory tower.

So the Italian minister was right why should  Italy taken these the immigrants who have no education, diagnosed with new diseases they know nothing about sanitation no immune shots and bring in new diseases into their country and old diseases that have been cured . They are full of diseases. And who supplied the boat to bring these people to Italy. Who paid the money and who brought those people aboard that ship?

So if Richard Gere is so worried, he should  take them home with him, let them live in his house  It is his big palace wherever he lives all over the world and he could take care of them if you so interested in them. And that’s the way it  should be in the USA if you want these people in the USA, you put them up in your house you pay for them you by their food ,you buy their clothes, you get them there immune shots you pick up their diseases and you are responsible for them.

But the government Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, all the radical demo rats and traitor Republicans want us to put up with  this, they don’t want to learn to talk English they want you to speak Spanish. That’s the language that this country chose as a second language and you know how long the country lasts what a second language it doesn’t last that long before it disappears. There’s only one language in this country and that is English you don’t have to be an interpreter for everybody if they don’t want to learn how to speak English leave, you don’t belong here the first place.

And that goes for every illegal alien, and every Muslim that is in the United States of America that want to take over and change the American into Islam and sharia law.
Nancy Pelosi, Omar, Cortez and her other two partners who want to change the United States into a piece of garbage. And  the fake news media helping them out. They don’t like it here, get out. You don’t like what’s going on here, get out. You’ll like the Constitution or the Bill of Rights or the freedom of the people. Get out. Even if you are an American citizen you don’t like none of this, get out and go somewhere else, go to Somalia with Omar and change that country.

Remember the only thing that keeps us free from people like the demo rat party and all the educated people that want to destroy our country and all the liberal actors in this world who think that their so kindhearted that we should bring in everybody in the country but they’re okay because they got tons of money don’t have to live with these people, we do. So keep your guns, well oiled get your AR 15’s out well oiled your ammunition and be ready to take our country back.