Never forget who did this

We must never forget that Saudi Arabia attacked the United States on 9/11. We must never forget that King Abdullah, pushed the migration of all Muslims, Islam, into every country in the world to take that country over not by force but by population and turned this world into the nightmare of Islam.

We must never forget that the Bush family, has been tied to the hip of Saudi Arabia for oil money for all their lives. They brought the first bunch of Muslims here by the planeload. Next we have the greatest Traitor to the United States of America in the history of our country, who said,” when push comes to shove, I’m for the Muslims” and he spoke the truth and with the help of our enemy the Demo-rat Party and  Republican senators congressmen, and the demo rat party started the invasion of Islam into the United States of America to destroy this country and bring on sharia law.

Obama fixed it so that the Muslims get thousands of dollars a month, food stamps they don’t have to work, they all have more than four wives and we have to support all their children. And nobody will stop giving the Muslims money to destroy our country from within. They teach, their children to hate the United States from the time they’re walking around in diapers until the day they die they are taught to hate the United States and kill all the Christians and Jews. Look at Omar, and look at Taleb and that’s what’s going to rule our nation. Muslims do not belong in Western civilizations because they are a murder cult, they practice pedophilia, they practice sodomizing little boys, and they burn homosexuals alive. Plus in World War II Haj. Amin AL Hussen was more than happy to work with and for Hitler and the Nazi party in how to murder torture all the Jews that Hitler murdered. Al Hussen was part of that. Muslim. Now Obama, Muslim communist, is the one who is stab the United States in the back by bringing in all the Muslims that he can find and they all hate the United States of America.

Never forget that our enemies, our government, Muslims,, MS 13 gangs, the Latin Kings, Negro gangs all accepted by and helped by financially and through laws by the demo rat party, and traitor Republicans

We can never give up our second amendment, Pres. Trump should put a stop to the red flag law because it doesn’t help the people it helps the criminal as usual. Never give up your gun, die first.


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