New Rumor!!!!!!!!


A guy told me this new rumor going around about who’s going to be the next president and which can happen. The guy was so afraid I thought he was going to pass out when he says if I tell you this, don’t put my name on your blog, I laughed I said okay I won’t   put your name on this rumor you just told me about.

The rumor is, since the Demo-rats have all the illegal aliens registered to vote and are going to steal the election for president of the United States again, that Biden the sniffer, I wonder if Biden sniffs assholes. Well anyway, Biden is going to get elected president and he’s going to make Hillary Clinton the vice president. Then after reason for a while the Clintons are going to murder him, you don’t Biden, and then Hillary Clinton will take over as the president of the United States. How about that for  a scary rumor.


Or how about this one what if Kemal I Harris gets elected president. What are you going to do beat the drums, boom, boom,boom, here comes the voodoo Queen of Jamaica all kneel, boom,boom, boom, boom. About that guy Bitto, can you imagine a guy with a name like Bito as the president of the United States. His parents must of been from the 60s and they must of been so  high on smoking dope when they decided to name this goof,Bito. Dumb and dumber. I wonder if he’s going to pull fat boy, young Bush if somebody ever questioned him and Bito said I Love  my mommy and my daddy. Goof