Pelosi and the real Scum of the Demo-RAT Party

Nancy Pelosi last night was unbelievably ignorant, cruel, and disrespectful of the president of the United States and we the people of the United States who voted for Pres. Trump to save the United States from people like Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi and her crew of women dissenters and haters dressed in white. The reason they are dressed in white is because in the religion of Islam, white is the morning color for people and family who died.

What she got out of that last night is just plain ignorance and being mean and all of the Democ-ats are a disgrace to this nation, to we the people mostly, because we the people are the government not Nancy Pelosi and her socialist communist Demo-rats who want to destroy the United States with the hundred year plan set by Woodrow Wilson to destroy our country and everything will be like Star Wars one world, never happened. Complete fiction.

Wouldn’t it be nice if come November the people of San Francisco California finally wake up look around the city and see what the trash and garbage is from people laying all over the street urinating on the street defecating on the street and living in filth and being a superduper sanctuary city harboring criminals and illegal aliens. It would be nice if the people of San Francisco would wake up and vote this pig out of office.

Pelosi showed last night that she is not for the people of the United States of America she will never cooperate with the president of the United States. Because of the news media I don’t know why this happened but everybody went out and voted for the Demo-RATS and this is what happened. Nancy Pelosi took over the Congress, all the people that hate the people of the United States and Pres. Trump, our government, our Constitution our Bill of Rights our freedom, we the people having a few extra dollars in our pockets only because of Pres. Trump. Not because of the Demo-rat party or Nancy Pelosi who want to take away our freedom our Constitution our Bill of Rights our money in our pockets so that we might live a little bit easier. Nancy Pelosi and her ilk do not want the people of the United States to have any money in their pockets and be dependent on a Socialist/Communist government. They want to take away our First Amendment rights they want to take away our second amendment rights, I’m surprised they’re not at backing Bloomberg wants to take away all of those rights too and tell us what we can do when what we can’t do.

Nancy Pelosi is only interested in the party, the demo rat party the party of socialists and communists that hate the people of the United States especially the white people of the United States. The proof is a couple years ago when that crook Biden told everybody on national television that in the year 2017 he was so happy that the white th will no longer be the majority in this country and he was so happy about that. So there’s the proof that the demo rat party Nancy Pelosi and all of them hate all the white people. And they want to get rid of all the white people except for them who are the elite. So that they can continue committing treason through their kids Nancy Pelosi son is also involved in the Ukrainians scam to make money for them and their family. That’s what it’s about. It’s all about how to steal money how to destroy the United States of America and how to try and rule the world.

We have to vote out all the Demo-rats that are running for office this November take back to Congress hopefully the people in California will vote out Nancy Pelosi and that a be the end of her.

I see in the new future if things keep going like this are going to have a Civil War and we’re going to have to attack all the Demo-rats that are in Washington DC because they are the ones that are destroying our country and if we  don’t  wake-up and see the writing on the wall and vote these people out of office otherwise were going to be in a lot of trouble. What’s going to happen to us after Trump can’t be elected president.

For myself I don’t like Pence because he’s a professional politician. Especially when somebody criticized his friend,  Paul Ryan when he said, oh, Ryan’s okay there’s nothing wrong with him, or words to that fact. That’s why I hope the Republicans find somebody else to run after Trump but not Pence because you will go back to the good old boys and the way it was before Pres. Trump has , all alone, changed everything, in favor of the USA and we the people and is changing things for the better of we the people. Thank God