President Trump, the only President a true patriot


President Trump never committed any crimes against the United States of America. He is the president of the United States of America and he can call any country he wants in this world and talk to their leader anytime he wants, and the Congress or anybody else including the fake news media have no right to say that he can’t do what a president of the United States can do. Obama committed crime after crime after crime against our country including treason, including selling arms to the Muslims along with Hillary Clinton, to kill our troops at his side. Bill Clinton also sold secrets to the enemy gave them safe heaven to the enemy and committed treason against our country and the demo rat party and Nancy Pelosi never did nothing about it, or ever raised the question about what are you doing. Because they are all lying traitors called demo rats! What should happen now if this thing about Trump’s impeachment goes to the Senate Denise found not guilty then the Supreme Court should give Pres. Trump an extra three years of being president without having the people to vote for him. And that would fix Nancy Pelosi’s the greatest traitor along with her mentor Obama to the United States of America. Just think people how far ahead we would be if you dummies would’ve never voted for the demo rats to take over the Congress and Nancy Pelosi the traitor pig of the history of this country vowed to do nothing for the next two years and nothing has been done to help our country. Thank God that Pres. Trump has the strength to fight these people and he works 90% alone to get things done for our country and not for the politicians in Washington DC. Trump is the only president that brought back jobs that he promised to bring back, no other president brought them back, the companies left the USA for China they promised but nothing happened. No presidents ever reduce taxes that he promised the people he would do when he was elected president, only Trump did! Every professional politician has failed this country 10 times over, and the only president to save this country is Pres. Trump!