Romney stealing money with Biden

I always knew Mitt Romney was a rat, and traitor, because of his being a professional politician following in his father’s the footsteps who was another professional politician who learned how to steal and cheat and lie and connive and sell your soul to people like the richest in the world, the Buildabrig, created by none other than one of the  super richest people in the world, David Rockefeller. Who in my opinion is for the richest people in the world the Kings and Queens of the world and those are the people that run the world.

Romney who hates Trump with a passion, did everything he could do to hurt Trump since he got put in the Senate by the dummies of Utah. Trump makes a lot of bad mistakes in the people he chooses because he helped Romney get that Senate seat when Romney Begged him to help him and Trump did, it was like putting a poison snake in your pocket and the snake bites you,  then he tells you, well you knew I was a snake when you picked me up.

So now here’s the proof, Romney’s  working with Joe Biden the Democrat, at what they’re really good at.  All of these guys are friends they just say there Democrats and Republicans but in reality they go out together they have dinner with their wives together and share parties together and they do everything together like, including, fooling the people of the United States and stealing everything they could get in money and then figuring out a way how they could launder their own money by putting up foundations. Which has a huge hole at the top and at the bottom barely get a drop of water out of the you dump the gallon water from the top to the bottom. They launder their money through foundations their libraries. They are more evil people, they make the biggest criminals in the world, they make real criminals look like Boy Scouts.
I wonder how much money Romney has collected so far through Biden’s kid and him and Biden split covering for each other and that my friends is real politics none of these people are for the United States of America our Constitution our liberties or our freedom they are all partners in one crime to extract all the money they can from us and other countries by selling us out to them in their all traitors and they all belong in prison but they will never go to prison because they control the laws.

So I have two words for Mr. rat Romney, and are not very nice why won’t put them on my blog. First class rat raised by rats and deals with rats