The Senate and Rosenstein

The Senate hearing with Rosenstein, about trying to overthrow the government of the United States and overthrow the president that was elected by the people of the United States… It is nothing but a show, if you please, a dog and pony show. He is part of the demo rat establishment, he has been sponsored by all the demo rats including the Clintons to get to the point where he is today or where he was before he got fired. Everything they say to him, that he tried to help and get Pres. Trump thrown out of office commit treason, by trying to overthrow the government with the help of the FBI agents, and Mueller means nothing.

What they’re going through is a sick formality to try and show we the people that these tratiros who are questioning him both Republican and especially demo rats are not going to do anything to Mr. Rosenstein or anyone else that was involved in the overthrow of our president, are duly elected president, and our government.

So people say we don’t live in a banana republic will I got news for you, we do live in a banana republic because none of these traitors will ever be convicted of any crime they committed including treason,will go to jail.

Rosenstein is on the bench lying and telling more lies and denying that he was ever any part of the treasonous act of trying to overthrow a sitting president.

He will not go to jail, he will keep collecting money from the government even though he doesn’t work for the government anymore the Democrats and Republican traitors will will protect these people and they will never see the inside of a prison or be sentenced.

Now if it was just a normal person like you or me and we broke the law a federal law  t the second the FBI pick us up, or any other government agency, we would be thrown in jail immediately go on trial be convicted and spend the next 10/15 years in jail. But since  Rosenstein is a club member to the government to destroy the United States of America to destroy the president of the United States to bring on socialism and communism in America. These people will never go to jail. What we’re watching on TV is a phony hoax to try and make us think that, “Hey they’re going to get this guy and a Traitor scum to go to jail your yipee for the people. No way, none of them will go to jail. Barr will not press charges, the Senate will not press charges the Congress will not press charges. Those are there people who were told to overthrow the president of the United States no matter what and they would be protected which they are being protected right now.

And the saddest thing of all is that all the people of Jewish persuasion are now in extremely high places to maneuver the government this way and that way and they are working to make this country socialist communist, and take away our guns and our freedom and destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights sad very sad.

But now as you see the riots going on throughout the United States of America, planned thing by ANTIFA (Terrorists sponsored by the Federal Government and paid for by George Soros with our tax dollars) for people in general to disrupt, create chaos destroy cities burn businesses but these people are never arrested for causing riots burning property and murder. The police in these Democrat cities and states, hands are tied behind their backs because this is a throw back to the Obama administration that you are not supposed to stop these people from doing what they wanted to do in protest. The ones that are arrested they take to jail in 10 minutes later they walk out free as birds and go back to the riots. That is okay as far as the demo rat government is concerned.

What is the motto of our politicians demo rats and Republicans when asked what about the people? Their motto is Fuck the people… We are in charge, we tell the people what to do, they don’t tell us what to do and if we want to destroy this country were going to do it and we’re going to take away their guns and we’re going to make them slaves to communism and socialism whether they like it or not.

Remember the First Amendment says you can peacefully march it doesn’t say that you can commit crimes. And the Second Amendment says you have a right to shoot these bastards if they come to rob and destroy you and burn your house or business down.

Good thing we have the Second Amendment to protect ourselves, from our enemy the federal government who sponsors all these rioters and looters to cause chaos trouble and murder and destroy property and people if they get in their way.

The enemy of our country is our government our senators congressmen and bureaucracies especially in the states where the demo rats control everything.

Keep your guns, keep your Bible, make sure your guns are ready to use make sure you have enough ammunition and if these people want to start an insurrection, well come on the real American public is waiting for you, not the stupid fake news media that says your right in doing what you doing and not stupid policeman who get on their knees when they call him go to go to the knee and they get on their knees I don’t get on my knees for no son of a bitch.  Any cop who does taha makes these people right!