There is fraud in the election in Florida!!!



While listening to the radio this morning, the news, that there was no fraud down in Florida for the selection. But who said it, the Democrats said it. No fraud know the news know that is a lie. Because when Tuesday ends and all the votes are counted in that’s the end of the voting. You don’t go out and find 5000 votes that were mailed in that you forgot. That’s a lie. That’s how the demo rat’s got yelled Franklin a stupid comedian into the Senate from the state of Minnesota. And nobody said were and they kept finding thousands of votes that were mailed in that would count. Isn’t that isn’t that nice. And then they counted in the voter fraud that got Al Franken, and his opponent lost, who was leading in the vote 50,000 or more ahead of Frankin.


Now in Florida the same thing is going on. Years ago when I used to run a precinct in an election any election, Tuesday night the polls closed, votes were counted and that was the end of it. If you missed the mail-in votes well that was just tough stuff they were never counted. But today the Demo-rat traitors of this country that they are, fighting for the new world order with no sovereignty for the United States of America and open borders. They are the traitors, they are to cheaters, they are the liars, and the fools that voted for the demo-rats are the dumbest as people of all. The demo-rats are in charge again, because of it idiots that voted for the Democrats. They will try to destroy everything that Pres. Trump has brought on to save our country to make is great again to be independent of the world and be a sovereign nation. But the demo -rat’s in elections lie, cheat, steal, and the fake news media helps them get away with all of this. Now where was the Department of Justice to go down there and make sure there was no fraud because there is fraud in Florida.

No one can tell me any different because I was in politics and I know exactly what politicians do and I know exactly what the Demo-rats do that are in charge of their election boards in their positions where people go to vote when they see their losing the vote, they cheat and a steal votes.

I knew people that went to jail to the federal penitentiary for at least two years because they got caught cheating and bringing in voters that were not registered that area voted for,  that were not allowed to vote and they found that they were throwing votes away for the true candidate that was supposed to win that the people of voted for. Guess what the Alderman Ward committeeman for Democrats did to save these people, nothing, they went to jail for them. No one can tell me, I don’t care who they are that there was no fraud committed in Florida because their liars, there is fraud in Florida and that Negro that found all of those write votes should go to jail for trying to make Nelson the winner.

Giving the power back to the Demo-rats, is giving back the power to these traitors to bring on new world order, open borders, no government, no nothing but crime and slavery. And we the people will not be able to defend ourselves against it.  I  wouldn’t believe the fake news media or any demo -rat, and I would be careful of the Republicans. The only true American that is fighting for the life of us, we the people, and our country is Donald Trump. And we the people have to back Donald Trump 120% if we want to survive. I hate to see what going to happen to us after Pres. Trump can’t run anymore. Then you get a professional politician in their like Pence the vice president. Who is a professional politician. And we go back to The New World Order, no United Staes of America, no constitution, no Second Amendment, no First Amendment. We are a sovereign Nation and we have to stay that way. If the Demo-rats want that to change it is up to we the people to have a civil war and take back our country from the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party who is for every country in the world but the United States of America. 

And what that goof in France said about President Trump is a slap in the face. We don’t need France, and we don’t need Europe or any other Foreign country that we support with our money. Because all these professional Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans are getting kickbacks in the millions of dollars. And they figured out how to launder that money. Through their Foundations.

Looking at TV , fox tonight I saw 90% of the people who were counting the Votes were Black. That tells me they are all Demo-rats working to get Nelson elected, and their Black crook elected Governer. Black people don’t vote with the brains they vote by color no matter if the guy was the worst criminal in the world. Because he is Black they vote for him. RACISTS!!!