Two more weeks?

Pres. Trump was going to start arresting illegal aliens tomorrow  deporting everybody back to where they came from. But Nancy Pelosi the pig that she is asked him for a little bit more time. And Pres. Trump gave her two weeks. That is a complete waste of two weeks of waiting to stop the invasion of the United States of America because Nancy Pelosi the bitch and bastard that she really is not going to do anything.

I wouldn’t give Nancy Pelosi the sweat off my balls to do anything for the United States of America. She is a traitor, a communist that was used by Russia and is still used by Russia, Gorbachev’s idiot. Too bad the people of the United States of America gave the Democrats all his power and put that pig back in the power again so that she can fight Pres. Trump along with the traitors that are Republicans, like Mitt Romney scum bag rat that he is. To postpone ice from deporting all the criminals illegal aliens from this country and send them back to where they came from. It is too bad that we just can’t shoot them off the wall that it stop them.

They don’t belong here they have no education they have no sanitation they are criminals psychopaths and bustout’s that are looking for free ride.

And all that crap about the dreamers they are all gang bangers.

We are headed for a Civil War is because of the demo rat and Republican traitors that have been in Congress and the Senate for so long they think they run the world. If we have to have a Civil War to get them out will so be it.