Will the Demo-rats cooperate with President Trump


The question is, will the Demo-rats cooperate with President Trump to save the United States of America. As it looks to me, I will say they will not cooperate with President Trump ever. Nor will these Republican Traitors, and I don’t trust Mitch O’Connell, who I will list here:

John McCain (serves only the Obama, and now the Schummer, Pelosi, Government) Alexander R. TN, Ayotle R. N.C., Bunt R. MO, Burr R. N.C. ( I wonder if he is a descendent  of the first Traitor Arron Burr. It runs in the blood to be a Traitor. Cochran R. MS, Collins R. ME, Enzi R. WY, Ernst R> IA, Heller R. NV, Hoven R. ND, Isakson R. Ga., Johnson R WI., Kirk R. IL, Moran R. KS, Murkoski R. AK, Portman R. OH., Roberts R. KS., Rounds R. SD., Scott R. SC., Wicker R. MS. Graham R. NC.

Like I said Mitch O’Connell will side with his longtime friends in the Demo-rat party against President Trump, which he has done already by not defending President Trump against his extreme enemy Schummer.

The above Republicans tricked the voters of their States into believing they were Tea Party and or Conservatives. They were none of what they said they were. They were Demo-rats who backed Obama and “Big Government’” Progressive Socialist/Communist agenda and the New World Order,  as McCain said a few weeks ago the  World Order was working as far as he could see. What was he and his henchmen Graham doing in Bulgaria, selling guns to ISIS and Al-Qaeda using Bulgaria as the shipper to our enemies who are killing our Troops. McCain and Graham still working for the Obama Government.

Those 25 or 26 Republican Traitors will never help President Trump bring the United States of America back to what we were. These same Republicans who have no guts never fought the Demo-rats and Obama on anything the Demo-rats wanted to do to destroy our Country. If it were not for President there would be no Republican Party.

These “Old Guard and Professional Politicians should be voted out. Term Limits is extremely important to our Country, It will stop these Senators and Congressmen from getting too rich and too much power to work for themselves and fuck the people. no one should serve more then 2 terms. And they should have no extra perks to make them more rich. Like X-Senator Saxby Chambliss of Ga. who on the tax payers dime spent $250.000 a year playing Golf and had $27,000.00 lunches for his friends. On our tax dollars. Another thing that should happen is that all the extra tax money the Government gets from us, who work our asses of just to make ends meet, give back to money to the people who oaid their taxes instead of giving the money away to Muslim Terrorist, dead bet bust out in thsii Country, Illegal Aliens and Muslims who don’t work and get get thousands of dollars from the Government becasue they all have four wives and are making babies 8/1 over everyone in the United States of America, who will soon have to be reckoned with when they take over our Government and change the Constitution into Sharia law!

This is the Trojan Invasion that Obama, the Clinton’s and the Bush Family started to destroy our Country.