We are a Sovereign Nation not a World wide Charity

I thought we were a Sovereign Nation that didn’t have to let Illegal Aliens from Mexico come into this country. Why do we have to take care of these people and their children? Why do we have to hold them for 20 days and then let them loose in our country with a notice that have to show up in court and they don’t.

Why can’t we give them their court notice and bus or fly them back to their country of origin  and tell them to come back in 20 day from where ever they are at. Load them down with paper work like the Government does to us and make them go back to where they came from. These ignorant criminals will eventually take over our country and destroy it. All our Latino Senators and Congressmen are for the Latinos and not our Country. All the Negro Senators and Congressmen are for these Latinos and all the Negro Illegal Aliens and the Muslims that come into our country. It doesn’t have anything to do with Humanitarianism for poor people. It is all about Open Borders and the destruction of the United States of America and our Constitution and our Freedom and our laws. It is all run by Obama and the Nazi Social est/Communist Demo-rat Party and Traitor Republicans to make sure our country will be destroyed.

The Nazi Demo-rat Fake News Media Propaganda machine in i the front line along with people like Soros who want this country destroyed, helping these people just walk in and do what ever they want. Stop giving them free money, Free housing free education, free medical. 90 % of all these Illegal Aliens are criminals that let out of their prisons where when one goes to jail his family goers with them,and they are not Immigrants they are Illegal aliens who brake our laws and commit crimes and get away with them. When is the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party and the Traitor republicans going to take care of the USA and we the people first. They don’t belong here and why aren’t  they detained  and put in buses and planes and taken back to their shit hole third world countries where they belong. They don’t have to be let into this country. We are a Sovereign Nation and laws that keep this country safe, unless the Nazi Demo-rat Party that has be in charge for the last 70 years changed our laws in favor of other countries .and nothings to protect us,