Obama ( Murder Inc. ) Care

Why aren’t the Republicans just not dumping Obama Care and go back to what we had? Because they all took millions of dollars from the Health care industry to make the Insurance Companies super rich. It cost the Insurance Companies millions of dollars to satisfy Obama Care by changing their computers around to fit this disaster and they don’t want to change back. Hence the money envelopes were dropped into the key players desks and they are bought and paid for in cold cash. Not to change Obama Care that much, so the Insurance Companies don’t loose money.

Why is it going to take ten years or more to rid of Obama Care ,when all these thieving Rats passed it in one day. When the great Communist Tax Queen, Gorbachev’s useful Idiot, Nancy Pelosi when this smart ass screamed  to the Congress lets’ pass it and then we’ll read it” and the Progressive Demo-rats in the House and Senate passed it and John Boheoer got on his knees and kissed Obama’s crotch, Yes Master we passed Obama Care just for you. And he was a Republican.

But now the Republicans can’t do anything to kill Obama Care an  save we the people They are talking ten to twenty years from now. WE are the Government not these  Rats and we better get up off our asses and do something about them and make them destroy Obama Care now! Write your Senators and Congressmen and demand that they destroy Obama Care right now!

All these Senators and Congressmen are interested in is sticking it to the White Middle Class, who pay for everything, and they want to take  care of all the three extra wives the Muslims have and all their children and get everything for free and all the bust outs that haven’t work in 60 years ever since the Federal Government Destroyed the Black Families structure and turned it into a Matriarch Society who have raised killers where life is meaningless and cheap, becasue they kill each other like shooting ducks in a barrel, that is their Culture. The same goes for the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans all Gangs  all killers at the drop of a hat.

Remember the former Presidents and the now Senators and Congressmen are our enemy. Schumer the Radical Bully big mouth Kike, progressive liberal Communst Jew is in charge of all the Republicans and Demo-rats because the Republicans under the leadership of McConnell have castrated the Republican Senate, to something that your wipe off your shoes and then throw them away.

The Liberal Jews like Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein and all the rest of then that are in the Senate and the Congress give the Jewish people a bad name. They think that after they help destroy the United state of America their will be somewhere else they can go and be as free there as they are here. The United States of America is that last Nation on this earth where a man can be free. It was the same kind of liberal Jew like Schumer that brought Hitler to power in Germany in 1933, and Hitler kill over 7 million helpless people.

We must fight for our President and work with him we must write and email every Senator and Congressmen to destroy Obama Care now, not ten years from now but right now. the trillions of dollars Obama and all these Traitors stole from us would give free health care top shelf health care for the next two hundred years to very man women and child.