Hillary Clinton

Did Hillary Clinton sell out the United States of America to Russia. In my opinion yes she did. Bill sold us out to China. Millions of dollars come into his library a month, where they can launder the money and their Clinton Foundation Charity,  from Communist China for giving China all the trade and making everything that we use in the United States. The Clinton’s put the Mafia to shame. They have done everything the Mafia has done and more by commenting Treason for money and got away with it. The Clinton’s are the best World Class Thieves, liars  and traitors.

Hillary Clinton is a true traitor like her husband and her god Obama who shared in the money that Putin gave to the Clinton’s who more then likely shared that money with the rest of the Traitors in the Senate. All the Progressive-Marxist ( Communists who take their orders from Russia.)

Does anyone remember that Obama told the President of Russia that he would have more latitude when he got elected again, that Obama was also involved in the sale of our Uranium mines and sold them the land that goes with it.

Do you think that for one minute that not only the New World Order Bush family has not contributed to the destruction of the United States. Now they and the Republican Party and the News Media want another New World Order Bush Islamic agent in the White House again to continue the work of destroying our Country that Jimmy Carter started, letting in all the Muslims. The Bush family is tied to the hip of Saudi Arabia, the people who control the oil control the World, quote Henry Kissinger, another Bush New World Order advocate.

All our Government Senators and Congressmen allowed the sale of our land and the Uranium mines to Russia knowing full well that Russia will sell Nuclear Bombs and Uranium to Iran and Cuba and the rest of their Communist Countries.

The Intellectuals and super rich people like Diann Fienstien and Presidents and Vise President like ignorant pig Joe Bidden and all the rest of the Communist Progressives Harry Read, Nancy Pelosi who controlled the Communist Congressional Progressive  Caucus, who took and still take their orders directly for Russia all helped in everything that will destroy the United States of America. You want to know who these traitors are? Look them up on the Internet. Another reason  why Obama wants to control the Internet.

Yes Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Obama, the Bush family all sold out the United States of America, with the help of the Senate and the Congress. These people cannot do what they do with out the full help of the Progressive New World Order, Bush Family Republicans and the Demo-rat Progressive Congressmen and Senators who take money and their orders from Russia, Iran, who Joe Bidden is Iran’s Agent of in the United States. They are our enemies of our Country and our freedom. The people of the United States have no enemies in the world. We have enemies now in our country from Islam, Saudi Arabia’s oil wealthy Bush family brought them here to eventually take over our Government along with Obama bringing in millions of Illegals from south of the Border to further destroy our Country in time.

But because we are fat and have tons of dope free sex, sports, and propaganda from the News Media and Hollywood we have become stupid and dumb. Dr. Gruber was right when he said the that the,” American  people are stupid” and asleep at the stick not to see what is going on.