The real Organized Crime Syndicate

To understand our Government, Federal, Local and State you have to see these people as the criminals that they really are. They get away with crimes against we the people by passing always that protect them from any sort of prosecution and prison time. If they do go to prison it is like a golf resort. Like the one Jessie Jackson Jr. is and he still gets over $8,000.00 a month plus his pay as a congressmen.

They are all criminals, Demo-rats and Republicans alike and they work hand in glove to screw us, the American people. they steal from us, they cheat us, they Black mail Corporations into giving them money in campaign funds that are not taxable that they put in their pockets and spend our money on themselves . They either commit murders or are involved in murders and get away with it.

Look at the Clinton’s they left bodies all over the place of friends and people who worked with them when they were the Governor of Arkansas. Every one they dwelt with was found murdered. and no one questioned them about it. Or no one found out why they were murdered. Strange. But not so strange they are Demo-rats, and Bilderbergs.

This is from a book by Richard Condon, he sees Politics  as a criminal orgainization and I agree with with: The Presidents and all who elected pt any office see a possiabel brutal side of American politics, that structure by which the Congress of the United States provided the means to have themselves openly and legally bribed.” I added the Presidents in because they are the Bosses of Federal Crime.

These lines from Condon’s book, top me fit Obama like a glove:He was a man who had been so reflexively amiable, so defiant of the laws of the morality and consequence that, by being all things to all men, he had insured anarchy in his government with his unrelenting charm and disregard for the Constitution and the law.


What person or what anti- American group control all Political Action Committees-which is a license to bribe.Also from Mr. Condon. I ask, do they all belong to the Rockefeller family: Trilateral Commission, Bildbergs, The Counsel  on Foreign Relations. The Foreign Reactions people never leave the White House Presidents and V.P. go but they are always there.

Eric Holder as the Attorney General, controlling all the laws of the United States and Obama as the head criminal have control over all the federal police and what the do. Obama controls the CIA. These people can move billions of dollars worth of Co-Cain and Heroin  fro Afghanistan with out anyone to stop them. How about that for a thought of a legal Criminal Organization run by the Government. I had an old relative to me a long time ago when I was a young man. He understood America and American Politics better then any big time Professor teaching Bull Shit in any College. He said and he is right on. “There are two Mafia’s in this world….one makes the law and the other breaks the law. But they work together to make money for themselves. So if you want to be in the Mafia…go with the Government. You will be never be convected of a crime.”  He was and is right. The Government works against we the people for money and control and they don’t care if we live good or our children get educated. They don’t care if cures are not found to save our lives. Just theirs and their families. We are only dumb salves to them and should be treated as such.