Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!!!


The United States of America was founded on Freedom and small Government. We are a Republic! Yet for the last 100 years since Woodrow Wilson and Edward House who was  a devout Socialist.And Wilson who thought he was the smartest person in the world sent down by God to change the United States of America and loved ready H.G.Wells Science Fiction books. A book that impressed him the most was a book where all the Countries in the World were one ruled by a regional Government. He had a hundred year plan for this to happen. Wilson was the one who started the League of Nations after WWI. So why did the League of Nations fail. Because it never brought peace to the World. The real reason is that no one could get along together, for what ever human reason, jealousy, money and power, what country was going to dictate what and what not the League was going to do in .the world. Woodrow Wilson was wrong with his idea that H.G.Wells wrote about. That was and still is fiction! That is why it failed to stop WWII. Everything looks good on paper but in reality it doesn’t ever work.

Then this Fiction story was revived as the U.N. another joke that was supposed to bring peace to the World and we have been a constant war since Korea because of the U.N. The U.N. like the League of Nations failed is for the same reason Wilson’s league  of Nations failed, there are to many greedy people who want the power to rule the world and that includes the USA. It seems now that all our Presidents except Reagan and Trump, wanted to rule the World as the head of the U.N. We need to get out the U.N. and stop support that enemy of the world

The extremely smart people who wrote and signed the Decoration of Interdependence and wrote the Bill of Rights, a few hundred years ago saw into the future were way ahead of their time protecting our Country from Tyrants  that we broke away from where there was no freedom except what the King of England demanded.

But here we are Nancy D’alsandro  a Mexican and a true hater of our freedom and our Country and a communist, Pelosi, Obama, Hillary Clinton and Schumer and that ignorant Pig. Maxine Waters who has  an I.Q. 90 are all Socialist/ Communists they are super rich and are going to stay super rich while destroying our Country with the help of the Fake News Media who also hate our Country. But the Big News Papers and TV stations are not owned by Americans or Americans who love our country.They are so rich they think that they are the chosen ones, like Wilson, that they were chosen by God to destroy our Country because they are so much smarter then we are. Every Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat, Gengsberg, Sotomayor, half of the Supreme court are in favor of Destroying the Constitution of the USA. For What? To bad the Supreme Court stopped using the Constitution in deciding cases that come before them and use other cases that were tried before. If they and our Congress and Senate ever followed our Constitution we would not be in the trouble we are today seeing our Country deliberately destroyer by our Government and the Government Controlled Education run by some real Racists, and real bigots. Again to many people with to many ideas that can’t get along together and we have chaos and a Socialist/ Communist ideas going into the young peoples mind and that is false. Socialism and Communism is not the answer. Capitalism and Freedom of Choice is. Not Big Government.

Big Government think that if they bring in everybody who is not White, millions of people who don’t  know what it is to live in a civilized country and we have to support them, so our Government can be overloaded with debt and collapse, the Claward/ Piven papers how to destroy a Country, and then the Nazi Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans  think that they can put our Country back together the way they want it, Socialist/ Communism run by the Nazi Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans where we are all the same slaves to the Pelosi’s, Clinton’s Obama’s and the Bipartisan Senators and Congressmen. Then they wont have to worry about the White people they will have destroyed us all in favor of a none White Nation except for the Elite White Senators and Congressmen and Presidents who will now Rule this Country but it will never be called the United States of America where Freedom Rings.

Does anyone remember that Nursery rime  little poem,

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;
All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
Couldn’t put Humpty together again.
That is what will happen if we let these Demo-rat  Traitors get elected. They will never be able to put our Country together in any form even the one they think they can. Don’t get fooled by anyone who is a Nazi Demo-rat that tells you he or she is for the USA they are for the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Parties manifest to tax us out of existence, kill the White race, our freedom and our Country. And McConnell and Ryan are working with the  Nazi killers of mankind and the USA to destroy our country.
As I see what is going on in our Country we will soon have to take up arms and take our Country back. The Demo-rats are making a move which they always have is to have the UN Troops move in on we the people and release the Muslims from their training Camps and their friends all the Mexican MS 13 gangs and all the Black and Puertorican Gangs plus Obama’s Private Army that he was allowed to have that was one of the Laws passed in the Obama (killer) Care law ( look it up if you don’t believe) me)that
doesn’t work.
So keep your guns ready and buy more organize you Neighbors  what to do when the Civil War that the Nazi Demo-rat Party and the Traitors want to start so we’ll all be ready.