Chicago, Gang run and Gang owned, a Typical Nazi Demo-rat Controlled City and State

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On Fox news tonight a brave Professor came on and said that he wanted President Trump to send in the Troops to clean out the city because the gangs rule. He is absolutely right. The police hands are tied because of Rhom Enamel the Nazi Demo-rat Mayor owns Chicago and Cook county. To stop all the gang rule in Chicago you first have to get rid of Emanuel and every Aldermen and Ward committeemen who run the city. They are all Gang Bangers, they are the ones who control the Police and tell them to stay out of the Black, Mexican Ms 33 Gang run Mexican Area, and the Puertorican neighborhoods controlled by the Latin Kings which Louis Gutierrez is high up in the command of them, the Congressmen from that area, controls the gangs there.

I have written many articles about the gangs in the city of Chicago and how the gangs recruit  9 year old girls to become their prostitutes and 9 year old little boys to become assassins, and if they don’t join the gangs they will be killed. Where are the Parents of these gangs. In the Black communities it is run by women, who are both mother and father to children that they don’t really love because they had them with out a father because the Government gave these women tons of money and they didn’t have to work, easy money.

No Father figure to guide them. In the Mexican and Puertorican neighborhoods the parents don’t care about what their children do, because they came to this country as criminals from Mexico and Puerto Rico. There is millions of dollars to be made in Chicago from dope and murder. This is because the Nazi Demo-rat Party have always protected the criminals before they protected the public.  If you want a chance for your child to not become a gang member you have to live out side the City of Chicago for them, top have a chance. But the gangs have also moved into the suburbs. You what to get rid of the gangs you have to kill them all. Just they way they kill and destroy innocent lives in that city. Because the parents get a lot of money from the dope and murder trade that their children are in and they don’t care that their daughters become prostitutes for the gangs and that their sons become killers for the gangs.

In the Negro Communities, all the  Negro people have to put iron bars around their housed to protect them selves from the Savages that they raised.

Yes to clean out the city you don’t want the National Guard they are controlled by the Governor of that State and can be ordered to nothing like the Police of the City of Chicago. You have to brig the US Army and sweep the neighborhoods like you would sweep a war zone and be ready to kill who ever is going to kill you. Have camps set up to hold these killers in , try and execute the killers and forget about the people who say they deserve a brake. they deserve the same bake they give their victims. Nothing.

The Gangs are so powerful they rule the City of Chicago and they don’t fear anyone. Not even the US Army, you Fear them. It will be like fighting a war, Guerrilla warfare, you wont know who the enemy is, they are all the enemy. who made this happen?Our enemy the Federal Government run by the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party and the Fake News Media. If you vote for a Demo-rat this what you are voting for. Gangs and Illegal Mexican criminal Aliens. No laws only crime and living in fear of your life and your children’s lives. Big money ion crime for the Nazi Demo-rat Party that is why they protect them.