Reid says Bundy is a Terrorist!

Reid is a Traitor and a Government Terrorist. I have been on vacation and I have to write about this and our Freedom as American Citizens. We have to rid our selves of all the Demo-rats and Rove Rhino Republicans. Do not donate to the regular Republicans they are the same as the Demo-rats. They and Obama and the Federal Government are our true enemy’s of our Country.

This proves that when you don’t have a gun the Government police and other police are willing to kill you at a drop of the hat or by order of the Federal Bureaucracies. Amazing how many Americans are willing to kill us as long as we are unarmed. As soon as people showed up armed to defend our freedom and Bundy’s rights as an American citizen to defend himself against our Communist President and Nazi stile Government, they left. It’s OK if they kill us but they don’t have the guts to die for the Government. BE ARMED AND BE READY TO DEFEND OUR RIGHTS.




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