Hate Crimes Vote

Since I wrote this the hate crimes for the mentioned below are legal. But the gun all by it self is the bad guy along with all the White people which these laws were passed to stop White people and now Police from defending themselves against those chosen people our Government granted them the right to kill White Police and White people, in my article.

Hate crimes ready for a vote?

Congress has refused to define what a hate crime is. Are we to give up our rights to free speech all together because it will be called a “Hate Crime.?”  No one can say they do not like someone because of his race, religion, or if they are Muslims or Homosexuals, we can no longer criticize President Obama or his staff, or the Politicians because we don’t like the laws he is passing, that we might feel goes against we believe to be right. We cannot say that a man or women how committees a crime against a child are a pedophiles, we will be hauled off to jail and court to stand trial for some thing we said. I don’t like such and such a movie will that be considered a hate crime?


I think that the Congressional Progressive Caucus, who take their orders from Institute for Policy Studies, who take their orders directly from Marxist Russia and Communist Party USA are trying to destroy the very thing that the Constitution of the United States based our freedoms on. These 77 Congressmen are the most destructive Congressmen we have ever had. They control the Congress and  the way the vote will go. They follow the Antonio Gramsci Marxist Manifesto on how to destroy the freedom of any Country and force it to become a Marxist State.


The bill that congress wants the Senate to pass now, 06/17/09 is completely vague there are no set rules or standards for what will be considered a hate crime. It could be any thing; a mother disciplines her child in front of anyone they can be arrested for a hate crime. If you use the “N” word will that be considered a hate crime, in other words you as a citizen of a freedom of speech Country will be silenced forever against saying anything. So now what, the 1600 witch hunts may-be even the inquisition could come back.


If bill S. 909 goes through look out, you work in a place and you might be in competition with a person who is a Homosexual, and he wants to knock you out of the competition all they have to do is call up the Government and say you said something bad about their Homosexuality. Bye, you’re gone to jail and you said nothing against anyone. It could also be a person who is Black, Latino, or any other minority. All they have to do is say you said something against them. How about a pedophile has raped and murdered a child and you say something against him, someone calls up the Big Brother Government he goes free in the courts and you go to jail. And if you think that people are basically nice your wrong, people that I have seen all my life are small minded, selfish, egotistical, self-centered people looking to take advantage of any situation to get ahead and if this comes down, believe me people will use it against one another in a second. Also kiss the First Amendment good bye. Look out for the “do-gooders” they do more harm than anything on this earth.