The Pacific Trade Agreement

Our elected Senators and Congressmen have given given to Obama by all the Traitors in the Senate, are not helping we the people,  they are making sure Obama has the power to destroy our Country. They are helping Obama!!!


I f Obama wants the Pacific Trade agreement there is some thing wrong with it and is more ammunition to destroy the United States of America. Any thing Obama wants is always to destroy our Country. He has a lot of help. Obama couldn’t make a move with out the help of the Demo-rat and Republican Traitors who do everything Obama wants.

Is this the trade agreement that will put a huge highway from Chile ,South America to the United States of America and through to Canada? It will destroy the Sovereignty of the United States and make Obama the Communist Ruler of this Hemisphere.  It will fit into the Bush Family, Carter, Clinton’s  New World Order where we are all slaves to the Billionaire Presidents, Senators and Congressmen and all the Super rich people who run the World.

The Senators and Congressmen will cut up their States in parcels of cities and land, Those people in those parcels will belong to the Congressman who now owns it and is ruled by the Senator who controls that section of the State.

The Senators will split their States in half and be the supreme rulers of that State owning all the land and the congressmen will be parceled out their land and we all will be their salves! We can never trust the people who we elected to keep our country safe and free.

We will be a 3rd or even 4th World Country then the slaughter of all people will begin. God will not save us from anything, we must save ourselves and take back our Country and our freedom. We must save our guns, buy more Ammo and when the Obama Communist Government come for us fight back with our guns. It is better to die for our freedom them to become slaves to Big Government and the Super rich. The Federal Government is our real enemy, no one else.