Obama is a sick Degenerate

Emperor Barrack (Caligula) Husein Obama is a sick sexual degenerate. Look back on what Caligula Obama wanted to do from before he was elected (sic,sic) President. Obama wanted 5 year boys and girls to be taught about sex! You know haw five year old’s  know how to tell girls from boys? Girls wear girl shoes and boys wear pants. And because the Federal Government controls all of education schools throughout the United States of America have to teach that becasue Obama the Degenerate wants that taught to our children. Where in the hell do you think this degenerate share of women’s toilets have come about. How was Obama raised to have idea like that I guess he was raised by sexual degenerates. And the news media didn’t say a word against this or any other degenerate thing Obama wanted done in our Country. Does Obama love the smell of women shit or what? Or maybe Obama always wanted to be in the women’s’ toilet.

Or maybe Obama is a Homo Transgender. Where is the Public to be in up in arms over all these degenerate things that Emperor Barrack (Caligula) Hussein Obama dreamed up along with the Muslim Invasion. Maybe when he was growing up a Muslim he liked it when the Muslim men sodomize him, any one ever seen a physical report on Obama and his body and his health? No. With the Muslim invasion that is one of the things that Obama brought into this country. In the Muslim religion Sodomy of little boys is just fine, also marrying little 9 year old girls  and have sex with them is really great!  This what Obama, the Bush Family and the Clinton’s want. What do you think is on Orgy Island where Obama and the Clinton’s go. Where do you think Obama went, when he flew to the Virgin Islands, wasn’t Barney Franks always flying off to the Virgin Islands. Well…?