Dollar is dead Oct.20th 2o15


If this is true we have Barrack Hussein Obama all the Senators and Congressmen and who ever Obama appointed to run the 12 biggest Banks from New York and in the world called the Federal Reserve, who do not belong to the real Federal Government and print our money. All the Presidents and our elected officials are to blame. But the real people who are to blame is us. Because we were comfortable making money with good jobs and a house and family. We did not watch who we voted for,  they are all traitors. Start with Jimmy Carter to Obama and “The New World Order” Bush family.

With the death of the dollar only we the people will suffer. Only the wealthy Politicians and Banks and people like George Sorros will survive. When and if that happens it is time to grab your gun and we take back our Country.

The death of the dollar is all about killing the United States of America and the UN will now Rule the world in murder and chaos. Thanks to the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans.

Just think, now Obama will rule this whole hemisphere for his life and Spanish will be the language and Islam will be our religion, and the Gangs, with the cooperation of all the police forces will keep us under control.

It will be the same as the babies, by Government decree, are being murder by the millions for the real abortion which is bull shit, the real reason all along was and is  for their body parts and their blood and money. With the end of the dollar anything goes, kill all who don’t cooperate with the New World Order. That’s us and are children.

Remember only the Presidents and Traitor Senators and Congressmen and Bankers will survive. Not us. It is our Government that made this happen to our Country and the World.