Ebola is air bound now

In my opinion:

Isn’t it wonderful how our African President wants us, we Americans to get Ebola and makes sure that the West Africans come to the USA in droves so we can get infected with this killer disease and die for our King, while other Countries will not let the West Africans into their Countries, even the African third world countries in Africa won’t let them in but our King and Senate and Congress will.

Demo-rats leveling the playing field again. If you have a killer disease our King wants it here. What a great President we have. Don’t for get to vote for the Demo-rats again. Obama brought domestic Terrorism into the USA. now that the disease is here see if you want to go out to anywhere in a crowd. Hey are we going to have to where rubber gloves and masks, and don’t forget your dogs can pick up the disease and can give it to you. How about money you have to touch and use, let one of the West African Terrorist spit on the money and you get that bill. Bye,bye. sucker.¬† But don’t stop the West Africans from coming here.To bad Obama and his family won’t pick up Ebola.

Now any one who is not an American citizen enters this country with Ebola enters the USA they get free medical help. But USA citizen won’t get free medical help. We have to pay or die. It’s called Obama ( Murder Inc. by law, passed by Supreme Court Justice¬† John Roberts who helped Obama get Murder Inc. to help kill all of us, with the death panels coming in 2015 ) Care.

Obama wants all citizens of America to die, except all Illegals aliens and his the chosen people of the USA. And these are his chosen people that are being brought here by our Government. And the Senate and the Congress won’t stop the King they worship from doing anything to stop the destruction of the United States of America. All Traitors to our country becasue they are stealing money hand over fist, through bribes, that are called election contributions and and our tax dollars. They are the superior Elites who say do as I say but not as I do. We the people are nothing to them. They are super rich and we have to make room for their new slaves that can control Illegals from Mexico and And South of the Border. They also hate White Americans. We are more discriminated against here in our Country because of unconstitutional laws passed to keep White male citizens from getting, anywhere. Black and Latino’s have to chosen before Whites Males, it doesn’t matter that a White male qualifies for any job over a Minority. The Minority gets picked first. Affirmative Action at it’s best. That’s one of reasons¬† this Country is being destroyed.
They don’t have to spend every dollar they they steal from us. They have to much money left at the end of the year give it back to the working man who they took it from.