The elections are fixed

Now that we know that the Presidential elections are fixed, thanks to Fox news for telling us about  the Traitor Republican Party, how they are going to knock all the Republican Candidates except Jeb Bush who is going to follow the “New World Order, his father incorporated into this country.

Our Free system to vote for the man of the peoples choice is over. It is who the Demo-rats want and who the Traitor Republicans want. Not what we the want. Super Packs loaded with billions of dollars to elect the Traitor President of their choice. And the Supreme Court let this go and never ruled against Super Packs. Which is against the Constitution. So we the people are just dummies who let these Traitors take over our Country, so we can have Sharia law and no Constitution, and a third world Country, while they rule over us and get super rich while we the we get poor. We are going back into the Dark Ages.