All the crooked Senators and Congressmen exposed in a new Book

Peter Schwizer, just published his book, Secret Empires, exposing all our Crooked Senators and Congressmen amassing millions of dollars for them selves and their families. I just bought it tonight.

I have been saying the same thing for years, that they are stealing money and selling us out to the highest bidders and includes all our past President,Obama being the Number one Traitor and thief of all times.. That is where all the trillions of Dollars that Obama borrowed from China. The reason we have never seen any improvement in our country is because they all cut up the money between themselves. That is why they all, Republican and Nazi Traitor Demo-rats let Obama do what ever he wanted to destroy pour country.

What do these Traitors care, Especially McConnell Ryan and Durban care whose wife and sons are all $5,000.000.00 plus, a year Lobbyists, Sessions who recuses himself from everything took his share of the money.  Where did the “Stimulus Money go? Into their pockets and their phony Foundations and Construction Companies that their friends  and family own where the cut up more of our Tax dollars. They all have Empires of their own to make themselves more wealthy then everyone including the 7 richest families in the world.

This is what  I have always seen with our Rat Senators and Congressmen. The main reason they want our guns is so they can make slaves of us. Not to stop the Mass Murders that they have created, but to take away our right to defend our selves against our enemy, our Government. Our Traitors who want nothing better then to make us slaves to them.

How much would you like to bet that when Obama and Hillary Clinton where in control the Senators cut their States in half. Each Senator would own everything in his half of that States and the Congressmen would be the owners of their of their zones where they got elected and they would rule us and kill us if need be. The Gangs would rule the Streets and Islam would be the religion where it is legal to murder their own sons, daughters, and wive at will and anyone else they want to.

This was supposed to happen as soon as Hillary Clinton got elected President. Does any one remember when Rhom Emanuel said “Everybody better fall in line we are taking over” this was the Progressive end plan. Why do you think that want to get rid of the White people and the all the guns they can can take away from we the people. Not the Criminals and the Killers they create, Because they think they can control all the none white people and they would be happy to kill the White people for them.

It is we the White Races that they fear, because they know that we the people would never stand for this to happen to us, if we had known before hand, as they are doing and they have planed to do. That is why they are all aganist President Trump he stopped them from their stealing more money for themselves and take over of our Country where it would go back ward to the :Dark Ages when people were ruled by  King and Queens and Dukes and Earle’s, where their is no freedom for the common man, only slavery or death,. Where your children would never have a chance to rise above what you did for a living they would all have to beg like dogs.

The United States of America was founded on Freedom of the people, Freedom to be anything you want to be. Freedom of Choice Freedom form a Government who are taking away our Freedom right before our eyes. Why didn’t the Fake News Media tell us what is going to happen. Why didn’t the Fake News Media tell us what these Rats are doing;  A Government which we have now to destroying us and our Country so they can be rich and rule us. I don’t doubt that the Supreme Court has been bought for the Government ruled by the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party and Traitor Republicans.

So who is going to prosecute these Senators and Congressmen for breaking the law. Who is going to bring to Justices Hillary Clinton and her Crime Family. Who is going to Bring Obama to Justice or any of these people who are Political and who do their bidding to destroy the Tea Party and Conservatives. Who is going to investigate any and all of them which I have  recommended from day one. No Body . Not Sessions. You have to bring in and outsider to run the investigations and convict all of them of Treason!

Be ready the Minute Men should be back and ready to take back our Government!

Never give up your guns. Never register your Guns. Be ready to take back our Country, because the Voting wont do it any more it is too corrupt to get a true election.

Didn’t Donna Brazil try and rig the election for Hillary Clinton by vegging her all the answers to the questions that were going to be asked when she and Trump were the \last two candidates standing/ She should be indited right now and go to jail. Instead of being protected by the Nazi Demo-rat Party