Our soldiers fighting for the United States

Our soldiers are not fighting for the freedom of the United States of America, I wish everybody would stop saying that, if they were they would be fighting here against our own Government run by Traitors like B.O. and his Regime and all the Communist Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans lead by that great war monger and Traitor John McCain. Our children are used as cheap mercenary whores for the UN to fight in their “No Win” wars, not Wars against the United States. They would all be wearing the Blue helmets, but then the people might wake up and see that we are not at War with anyone. We are fighting for the UN, who gain more world power and control over everyone.

While our Congressmen and Senators get elected as poor men and women they come as millionaires and billionaires and Presidents when they are done because they stole as much as they can steal while working against we the people and our freedom, selling us out to foreign Countries, selling our secrets to the enemies of our Country, committing Treason and passing laws to say it is OK that they committed an act of Treason while the population is entertained by TV, legalized dope, free money for those that don’t work and the 47% who vote for the Demo-rats and Rhino Republicans who have their heads where the sun don’t shine. But our Government sends our soldiers out to die for nothing and the propaganda machine tells the sleeping American Public that we are fighting for the USA to keep us free. We are not fighting for the United States of America, if we were our troops would be fighting our Government right here because we are no longer free. The Presidents, Congressmen and Senators refuse to take care of our soldiers, with money and aid. While they give up their lives for nothing, they are poor by America’s standard of living. Our soldiers should get the same money or more then illegal Mexicans, and the chosen people, the Blacks, who don’t have to work and they get $1500.00 a month for their children, free housing, free education better medical then any citizen of the United States and if any of them are 65 or older when they get here they get over $2000.00 a month, thanks to another great Traitor President, Jimmy Carter,  in Social Security and do not put one day of work or money to get Social Security. They come into this Country and get a free handout. They produce nothing and they give nothing back to this Country and want to change it to what they ran from, but they are the chosen people of the Government for our new Murder Cult pagan religion, Islam All the Muslims that are here have four wives and that is OK because they are Muslims, no American Citizen can have more then one wife. Now the point is the extra three wives of the Muslims are producing children 8/1 over very one in this Country and the Government gives them $1500 per child a month they live good, again free housing the women don’t have to work, free medical free education and they don’t have to have Obama Care. But our soldiers who are killed and mangled for nothing in none declared wars we fight for the UN get nothing for themselves or their families.

B.O. has given our soldiers to the Country of Uganda to protect George Sorro’s oil interests in that Country, and we, the United States pay for Sorro’s interests. But our Government will not give our Soldiers better care or take care of their families when they are shipped out to fight for the UN, they will not give our soldiers more money to help them support their families, and themselves, they don’t get free housing and their children don’t get a free education and they don’t get the best medical treatment we have to offer. They don’t have a decent retirement plan, after giving their lives for our Country. Foreigners are treated better then our soldiers, who take form this Country, our Senators and Congressmen take from this Country and give nothing back, but Tyranny, and give nothing back and get everything while our soldiers have to die and get mangled for the UN. NOT FOR THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA. The Country we should have declared War on for their sneak attack on the Twin Towers in New York should have been Saudi Arabia because they are the ones who attacked us, with out just cause. And our Government under Clinton gave these attackers money to go to flight school to learn how to fly the planes into these buildings.

Stop saying that our soldiers are fighting for our Country they are not! They are fighting for the UN