They are not emigrants

The Fake News Media and the Federal Government are calling Illegal Mexicans and Others that are here as emigrants. They are not, they are Illegal Aliens that were let loose form all the Prisons in Mexico and and other countries South of Mexico. Obama and the Mexican Government helped them by giving them safe passage through Mexico. All these countries also sent the people who they have to support becasue they can’t hold a job or just like here in the USA they get welfare from the Government Mexico and the reat sent all their undesirables to the USA helping Obama and the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans who want to destroy our Country, they still do, that is why they are protecting all Illegal Aliens not emigrants. Criminals who came here illegally and the dreamers, 90% are Gangbangers and should be deported back to where they came from .

The White Elite Senators and Congressmen and Governors of the States who want Sanctuary States think that by harboring these Illegal Aliens that they will stay in Power forever, because they have the Negro vote in their pockets, they think. But when these people, illegal Aliens, including the Muslims and Puerto Ricans, none of them want to become Americans, they don’t want to speak our language they want us to become like them. They want Spanish spoken as the language of the United States, and so do the Senators and Congressmen who voted for Spanish as a second language in this country and the Muslims would and will like nothing better to kill all the Jews and Christians in this Country.

They will take the power away from the White Elite Senators and Congressmen, in the Federal Government and the State Governments and will destroy our Country and our Constitution and there will be any  free United States of America. America will be gone. Just as Obama and the Demo-rat Progressive Party and the Traitor Republicans wanted from the first.

The Federal Government loves this because they want chaos and hatred among we the people so they can control us more, the Federal Government wants the Professors of hate to indoctrinate students to hate the USA and everything that our country stands for. Our Government, our enemy support every group of people who work against our freedom and our Constitution. They go out of their way to find nut jobs like Paddock to commit mass murders to sway the opinion of the people that all guns should be banned. Don’t believe it, our Senators and Congressmen are the most evil people in the world. They refuse to cooperate with our President, President Trump to do the  things that we want done to save our country.

Why do you think that the Federal Government passed a law that you can belong to two countries at the same time. To divide the people, if you belong to another Country and have duel citizenship you are not loyal to the USA. No Country in the World allows duel citizenship, only us because our Government wants to destroy our Country.    A country with two  languages  cannot not survive.  Spanish is the second language. So why should Illegal Aliens learn to speaks English, we should learn to speak Spanish. In Miami Florida as soon as the Cubans took over, by law from their city counsel Spanish is the spoken Language. Not English! what do you think is going to happen here. Our enemy our Senators, Congressmen and all the Presidents since Carter have been working for the destruction of the United States of America. Remember the Bush family The New World Order” That is the destruction of the USA. We should get out of the UN and any other deals with Countries that are taking away our Freedom and that is most of the Countries in the world. Obama and Clinton were supposed to put the the United States of America to death  with the help of all the Senators and congressmen, Demo-rats and Republications together giving America and we the White people the death blow of our country. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS, Felons who broke our laws and get everything thing free and a pass on any crime they commit even murder. That’s what our enemy our Government wants otherwise it wouldn’t happen!

Save your guns, buy more ammo unite and be ready to fight for our Country against the Senators and Congressmen and the Liberal Left that they support, not we the people,  want to get rid of us, we the White working class. Why do you think our taxes are so high, they give our money away to all the “bust Outs while making sure that we have no money to support ourselves with. Even though we work we still have no extra money becasue the Federal Government throws it away on Bull-Shit. Our Government has always backed our enemies  before we the people They back all the Illegal Mexicans and Latinos and the Muslims. But not we the people. Vote out anyone who has been in office for then 2 terms and have term limits! Freedom and Tea Party people!