Nobody minded anything Obama did

In the Traitor news today on the At&t internet it said the Trumps vacation is screwing up the airports. Well the News Media didn’t mind when their favorite  Traitor Demo-rats screwed up the airports and people had to wait for them. There was never a no mention how Obama who was never in the Black house was flying all over the USA when ever he wanted and didn’t give a shit about anyone being inconvenienced for it. Or when Joe the Pig Biden had to go pal]y golf with Obama every day and he flew in to an airport and delayed all the flights out and in becasue he was playing golf with his god and lover Obama. And it cost we tax payers millions of dollars that the Fake Rat news media didn’t care about becasue the god was ion evolved  No one gave a shit when their favorite couple Obama and Michell went on a date that cost we tax payers a few million dollars and they tied up the airport for 24 hrs. or when Bill Clinton the sex maniac stopped all air traffic for over four hours becasue he had to get a hair cut on his plane.

But if President Trump spit the News Media would be all over him. As long it it is Communist Demo-rats and Republican Traitors doing anything they want, lie, cheat, steal, Rape, commit murder sell olut out ot our eneimes  run Homosexual whore hoses like Barnie Franks did or Hillary  Clinton  and Podestsa want to start running a child Porno ring that was OK. It was barley mentioned in any Fake News Media. But the Chief of Police in New York wanted to arrest them and the Demo-=rats stopped that. For all we know Clinton and Podesta have the child Prostitute ring going for the Homo’s right now, they could make millions of dollars.  Why doesn’t Muller investigate that. Or the Fake News Media. Why doesn’t the Fake News Media investigate Maxine Waters for barking the law, why doesn’t Muller investigate her, and everyone else including himself for braking the law by selling the Country out and taking bribes. They want to destroy our Candidate President Trump the Only President in the History that is for the United States and we the people, our Freedom our Constitution!!!

No the news Media  along with guys like Muller, Lynch, Comey cover up for all the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans. But President Trump they want to crucifie if he blew a fart in his own toilet.  President Trump is the savior of our Country and we the people will defend him, if we have to with our Guns and Bibles!!!