We have been ruled by Hitlerites

Yes that is right. When Obama started ruling the United States of America  that is when the Hitlerites came out of the wood work and they don’t want to go back. They are still practicing a Dictator ship in this Country.  When Obama was Dictator they all became rich because Obama the Supreme Dictator, Dictated want he wanted for the United States and that was and is it’s destruction. And the rest of the Progressive Nazi’s, Republican and Demo-rats passed laws and brought the value of our money down. Dictator Obama and his Nazi’s Senators and Congressmen made the USA one of the weakest Nations in the World. Dictator Obama sold us out to his Muslim friends and caused the death of thousands of Christians in the Middle East. And tried to help start a Caliphate in Iran.

The Dictator gave Nuclear Secrets to all our enemies for big bucks and the Nazi’s in the Senate and the Congress didn’t lift on e finger to stop him. The Traitor Republicans didn’t vote for Obama Care but they were paid off to keep silent and not make waves, so the Demo-rat Nazis, run by Nancy Pelosi, Communist Russia’s “Useful Idiot” had Obama Care passed, with out ever reading it. Pelosi said we’ll read it after we pass it.  Forget about what the America people want, we rule!!! The American people are our enemies. so all the Hitler Senators and Congressmen do things to hurt our way of living and our way of life. They Dictate what they want us to do. Never mind if they bleed us to death with taxes.

Then there was and is the biggest Nazi Traitor of all who worked for herself and the Emperor and the Muslims, Hillary Clinton. Wealthy beyond their wildest dreams and still extorting money form Countries out side the USA.

Now we the people voted for our guy Donald Trump who wants to make things right again in our Country, Repeal Obama Killer Care, lower taxes for we the people. He stands out a  real hero and stopped North Korea from attacking us with a Nuclear Bomb. Emperor Obama, the 21st century Hitler, the #1 Jew hater in the world, would have let North Korea drop the bomb on us and  with the help of all the Professors of Hate and the Demo-rat Propaganda Machine,would have excused Jong and told us we were wrong and deserved to be bombed and apologized for not giving him more money. Then the rest of the Nazi’s would have passed a bill and gave North Korea all the money they wanted. But Americans would have died but our Traitors in the Senate and Congress would do nothing but Follow Hitler Obama.

Does anyone remember when Bill, The Traitor, Clinton gave North Korea 5 billion dollars and help North Korea build two Nuclear Plants so they could start working on a Nuclear Bomb to aim at America. I bet his kick back on the 5Billion was at least 60%. What great people all our Hitler leaders were and are.

Now come s along the people’s President, Trump who wants to help we the people and our and his Country. But he cannot make a move becasue we have new Hitlers to take Obama’s place, who is still in command. Who are the new Hitlers who refuse to do as the people want. McConnell, Schumer, Ryan. and Pelosie and every Republican and Demo-rats that there is in Washington. How do we get rid of these Traitors who are super rich from stealing from us and making deals that they got rich and we have to pay for for the rest of our lives. Vote them out of office everyone who has been a Senator for more then one term and vote out every Congressmen who has been in Washington more than two terms. We the people will get rid of the Hitler Obama people and President Trump will give our Country back to us.Repeal Obama care and cut taxes for we the people and stop the Invasion of Illegal Mexicans and they are not immigrants, they are criminals and felons And Stop the Invasion of Muslims who don’t belong in a civilized society, they belong in the Middle East butchering each other. Not one of them want to be American they want us to be like them.

Vote all these people out when they come up for election. Other wise we will have a civil war. They all act and do things to we the people as any good Nazi Dictators would, to crush the people and destroy our Country, for them selves not us. They are our true enemy and the real Hitlers of the world.