Do Black lives matter?

Black lives matter to the White Population, but Black lives don’t ever matter to the Black people. They kill each other over anything, a dope deal, they kill the whole family, no one is left out including babies. To the Black Community life is cheep, life doesn’t matter to them. But they run around with signs saying Black lives matter, so the Police don’t kill them? I don’t think the Police just as a routine pick on Black people and just kill them, as the Blacks do to themselves. Look at Chicago a  Demo-rat  gang run city. they take each other out by the dozens just on a weekend  just to pass the time. But why don’t the Black people stop the killings? the dope money is to good to stop, what does a few lives matter.The Gangs recruit, not only the Black Gangs but the Latino Gangs do the same thing, little 9 and 10 year old boys to become assassins so that the grown ups don’t go to jail if they get caught. Then the Grown up kill the little boys they trained so they won’t talk. The they force the Black girls into prostitution to make money for the Gangs. Don’t w e live in such a nice liberal country. Where the Chosen people can commit any crime they want and blame it on the White People. Do Black Lives matter or anyone else life matters to the Black and Hispanic people matter. No there is too much money in dope and no jobs. So crime wins, thanks to our real enemy our Presidents and Senators and Congressmen who are the direct cause of everything that has gone wrong in our Country because they want to destroy it to satisfy Europe and Japan for dropping the A Bomb on them, who by the way deserved it for the things they did to the people they conquered, they were like the Muslims, and the Nazi’s, and the Communist real butchers of people.

In the Black community Black lives don’t matter. It;s all Propaganda by the Government controlled News-Media want it to sound like it is the White peoples fault. Lay the guilt on us. If Black lives matter the Blacks would have stopped killing each other a long time ago.