Just Arrived


A urgent in the mail from a outfit called “Secure Freedom”, never heard of them until today. Anyway they sent a, “Citizen’s Petition to Congress.”  The petition has twelve questions in that you have to answer, There is only one answer that is right in each question, if you answer  it any other way, well you might as well vote for Obama in his third term as President, or Ted the Lier Cruz, Hillary Clinton, just another died in the wool United States of America Hater, Communist, Bernie Sanders a true signed and sealed Communist that belongs to Communist Party USA all his adult life, or John Kasich, old Guard Traitor Republicans, who onkly knows, the best thing to with our tax dollars that they love to give away to organizations, colleges that teach hate America and the Constitution. Foreign Countries that want to see America turned into shit, as is happening and is going to keep going until we no longer exists as any power at all. But a Country who’s back was broken by all the Presidents staring with Wilson, exclude Calvin Coolidge.

During Coolidge’s Presidency we made inroads to prosperity, the Electric refrigerator came on the market, air Conditioning, thousands of inventions that made life a little easier for the hard working man and his family. People were making money buying cars homes, going to dinner at least once a week. But our Country was doing so good that the Shadow Government that relay runs the Country killed Coolidge and made it look like a heart attack because the people were doing too good to suit the Government. (This is what they will do to Trump if he gets elected President, Just like Kennedy was murdered because he wasn’t going to cooperate 100% with the Shadow Government to screw the people and destroy our Country. I am for Trump.)

Any way if you answer any of these question the wrong way you are an idiot. They claim that this petition about all the Muslim Terrorist coming into this Country will be stopped if you answer these questions that they will send to Congress and they will listen. First of all the Senate and the Congress have never listened to we the people. They have given Obama everything he asked for, they are helping in the destruction of our Country. They all want illegal Mexicans and Hispanics from as far south as South America to come here and live free of any worries, money, housing, you name it and they get it, on the backs of hard working American Citizens who pay all the taxes. Our Government wants Obama’s friends the Muslim Terrorist into this country. Our Congressmen will pass laws to protect   all Illegal Mexicans and other Hispanics that commit crimes here that we the people will not be able to defend our selves against, because our Congressmen and Senators are at this moment passing laws to help Obama and his Muslim and criminal Hispanic friends invade this country and take it over and destroy the USA forever. And do you think that our  Congress and Senate will heed the Petition? NO!!! They will never stop Obama or ISIS or any other Muslim Terrorist or illegal Latino Criminals from coming to the USA. Our Government wants all this to Finnish destroying our Country. This Petition is “Bull Shit” so some one can pick up a quick buck. It’s Fuck the people and keep the destruction going along with selling us our to China, Russia, ISIS ans Al-Qaeda for money just to name a few.

At the end of this  phony  petition they want you to donate from $15 dollars to $500.00 dollars to get this Petition passed around to all our Traitor Senators and Congressmen.  Do you think that for one minute Cruz will stop all this. NO!!! He belongs to the Bush Family who want the same thing as Obama Criminal Mexicans  up the Kaazoo that will vote for the Communist Demo-rats and Jeb Bush rat Republicans.

This my answer and I am going to mail it tomorrow: As long as we have Demo-star and Republican Traitors and the biggest Traitor of all Obama, running our Country into nothing. They will never stop ISIS or Muslim Terrorists or illegal Criminals from Mexico and south of there, into the USA. Our Government wants all these Terrorist and Latino Criminals here to finish destroying our Country. Remember what   Cloward/ Piven taught from the 60’s and they taught hate America and their theory which is working because Obama is following not only that version to destroy our Country but the Communist Manifesto improved version by  written by Antonio Gramsci an improved version. Buy the Book Shadow world by Robert Chandler and open your mind. Get yours guns ready, we may have to fight for OUR COUNTRY, not the Senators and Presidents and Congressmen’ s Country.