Mr. Trump it’s a trap

Mr Trump,

Don’t fall into lieing Ted’s trap. He says he wants Carly Fiorina as his running mate to be Vice President. Listen, no one was ever elected in the history of the USA President with a women as Vice President. It’s a trap so Cruz is forces you to pick a women up for Vice President. At the last minute Firorina will drop out and here comes Kasich or some asshole like him. Even if your people are telling you that it is time for a women to run, don’t do it, they are to educated and brain washed in the Colleges they went too,  we the regular people never want a women to run for President or Vice President.

Fiorina is a snake if anyone listened to last speech on the debates. Out of her mouth came the Demo-rat Communist Dogma “Level the playing field.” There is no such thing as making everybody equal on this earth with the help of our enemy, Presidents, Senators and Congressmen, from the Demo-rat Communist Part   to the Traitors who disguise themselves as Republicans. I’ll bet you ten dollars no Republican really knows what Republican means.  Good Luck Mr. Trump, I am on your side all the way. Dauntless.


Remember everything lieing Cruz is, is a rat,  and will do anything to nail you. Cruz is always  setting traps for you. You want to see a trained Rattle snake look at  lieing Ted Cruz. I don’t want a two-faced phony with a bible in one hand and a knife in the other to stick it in your back, we don’t need a President like that. We need you.