Demo-rat Marxists leveling the Playing Field

I wrote this in 2008, it is still the same, some new people have come in to carrying the work of Progressive Communist Senators and Congressmen.


A Democrat Marxist Leveling the Playing Field


This is what the people of the United States have to look forward too.  The Marxist Democrats that are running this Country have just showed what the Obama, Soros, Pelosi, Reid, Durbin, the whole crew of Elitists who have now taken over the Government mean when they talk about the “Poor’. The poor Blacks of the United States or in the World, have it better than any working man no matter what color he is. They get a free ride, they live better, they have 50’ plasma TVs in their homes, I have seen them driving around in new BMW”S and Mercedes, they make tons of tax free money on the side. The only poor who are not doing well are the drug addicts’ the Marxist Obama Democrats using the “Poor” to get to be the wealthiest people in the World.


Now comes what Obama and the Marxists Democrats call leveling the playing field, they must have been taught by Vladimir Putin when he first took office, he did exactly what Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Franks, and Dodd did they broke the Banking system and then blamed Wall Street. Obama, Clinton Marxist then put the United States into Trillions of dollars of debt. They hurt the working man and will destroy the Middle-Class which is what Obama was always after, and while doing this the Elitists  Marxist Democrats became millionaires over night and some Dianne Feinstein, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Franks, Dodd, and Reid have become billionaires over night. Senator Dianne Feinstein made sure that her husband got a 25 billion dollar, up front contract from her Marxist Democrats and made sure she and her family will remain part of the richest people in the World. Corruption is the key to the Obama Marxist Government. As the Obama Marxist Democrats level the playing field they will be sure to make sure that the free people of the United States will have their property and businesses taken away from them by the resent law passed by the Supreme Court called EMENT DOMAIN, which means the Government has the right to take away what you own, but Obama and the Corrupt Marxist will not redistribute the wealth they will keep for themselves. The whole working Middle-Class and anyone who works will be poor having to live on handouts by the Elite Marxist Democrats. They the Elitists Marxist will live like the Kings of the World and we the people will live no better than the poorest Country in the world. Now will come the executions of millions of Americans who did not agree with the Obama Marxist Dogma. There will be no law but the Marxist Obama law, their will be no Police but the Marxist Obama Police, and they will be the Gangbangers who now roam the Cities and streets of the United States and are free to do as they please. Our Armed forces will be turned over to the UN, we will have no more sons to fight for the freedom of America. We will not be able to fight for our freedom because right now as I write this Eric Holder is plotting how to disarm the law abiding citizens of the United States of America. The Obama Marxist Congress knows that the people of the United States will not give up there freedoms. The Obama Marxist Democrats and Republicans are afraid of a real live Rebellion because of the destruction to the United States Obama is causing. We will be ruled by the Marxist Elite Democrats and there will never be an honest election with the Obama army in place called ACORN to steal the votes for other Marxists Democrats and Republicans.

The Main- Stream News Media will not challenge anything Obama wants to do even if it is against the laws of the Constitution of the United States of America.

Obama is more Corrupt than anyone in the History of the United States, he is a true traitor to the United States he has sold us out to every European Country he has visited and sold us and Israel out to the Muslims, and now recently to Castro, Chavez, and da Silva. Why would he just sit at this summit and listen to these Pan- American Countries tear the United States apart and not stand up for the United States of America, because he hates everything about America, it’s wealth, it’s laws, it’s freedoms, it’s Middle-Class working people, any one who tries to get ahead by starting their own business, he hates our Soldiers more than the Clintons do, he loves the enemies of the United States.


You want to see what real Marxism and communism is look to Cuba, Venezuela, and the Countries that Chavez and Castro are converting over to Marxism with the same false promise of the Gramsci’ Marxist World take care of the poor. Obama acts as if he really knows what he is doing, he doesn’t have a clue, all these things have been thought out for him to do by the Clintons, Pelosi, Soros, Reid and the Marxist think tanks in Washington DC. All Obama thinks is that he is the god of the World and he can do no wrong, everyone will do as he says. Remember in leveling the playing field of the American people he will make every one poor. You will never be able to see a Doctor, or you will never have a choice of what religion you want to belong to or a free choice of anything you might want. More than likely we be forced to turn to his religion of choice the Muslim Religion.  You will have no choice how you want to raise or educate your children. We got a good look at how the Government wants to raise and educate your children when another Elitist Marxist, do as I say and not as I do, Al Gore when on national television he told the children of the United States not to listen to their parents because parents are out of touch with the Marxist World Gore belongs to.


The Obama Marxist Home land security have no right to call any American who attends a tea party or protests Obama in any way, because right now we have the right to protest the Government, and the Main-Stream News Media has a lot of nerve to call the tea parties racist because there were no Black people their. If the Black community didn’t want to show up it is because of their Black Nationalist Attitude of their own Racist ideas for the White community. This is what Americas future is going to be for us. They. Obama, Clintons, Pelosi. Feinstein, and the Elite Marxist Democrats live the great life we the people will live like dogs.


Once all these things are in place then the Murders began, by Law, Obama’s Law!


Wake up America!!