Hillary Clinton’s America

From the Daily News: Leaked Clinton e-mail reveal plans to sabotage Trump. She is the most rotten piece of human scum that ever walked on earth with the other piece of scum Bill Clinton the Serial Rapist. And the Clinton’s and Obama are what the real Demo-rats are Progressive Socialist/ Communist who only want money and power and they will use anyone to get it. Below is what the Demo-rats were over 200 years ago and they haven’t changed. They were the KKK and they were the ones that hung and murder black people. Not the Republicans.


Everybody should go see the Documentary Hillary Clinton’s America to see what kind of a liar, thief, and killer of mankind she really is. But the Blacks should see it because since they became salves, it has been the Demo-rats, and still is holding them in slavery. Linden Johnson referred to the Black Community as dumb Nigger’s, who will vote Democratic for the next 200 years, and the is in the Documentary. And it is true other wise D’Saouza couldn’t put in the film. Hillary Clinton is still keeping the Black people in chains and living in Black Ghetto’s where Gangs rule the streets and like in Chicano the Blacks have to live in their own houses behind iron bars. That is Hillary Clinton and the Demo-rat party. And the Black leaders like Jessie Jackson is helping keep the Black people in modern day chains, while they all get rich doing the Demo-rats bidding. Hillary Clinton’s America will be run by Gangs running all the neighborhoods and the Muslims chopping off heads in the streets. A vote for Hillary Clinton your voting for the end of the USA. Guaranteed!!!