Al Gore on the Bull Shit with Ivanka Trump


Al Gore, the guy that invented the Internet and also climate change with a bunch of other idiots and made billions of dollars from G.E.and the new light bulbs that cost an arm and a leg because he got paid off, with the scientist, who said that there is climate change because of us. Just in the United States of America. No other country in the world in responsible for Climate Change but the USA.

There is no such thing as Climate Change, it is a money maker for Al Gore and GE. What is it then? Shooting off Rockets that are so powerful that it sucks in air 360 degrees from thousands of feet above the earth and ad from the ground to that one destination where the Super Rockets are shot from.  Then there are thousands of Jet airliners flying through the sky destroying the weather patterns that it will make your head spin. Plus all the Military aircraft from all the Nations in the world braking the weather patterns.

Don’t for get China built a Damn that caused the earth to tilt 1 or 2′ off our axis. The weather patterns have changed it has nothing to do with we the people and animals farting to their hearts content. Any fool that believes that clown Al Gore and the Scientists, who if they disagree with Gore will not get that easy 2 or 3 million dollars a year to investigate Climate  Change. There is a sucker born every minute, only now things are more suffocated and it is hard to detect when the News-Media who is the Government Propaganda Machine keeps telling, we the Dummies that there is Climate Change because of us, is a lot of Bull-Shit so con artists like Al Gore and his group get super rich while we get super poor because of his imagined Climate Change. I hope Ivanca Trump doesn’t fall for Gore’s Con Game that is the only reason he went to see her. Trying to tell her if she agrees with him she’ll get a big cut of the money.

It is the same Propaganda that the so called vets are saying on commercials on TV and other soldiers and ex soldiers, saying, “I served my Country!” No body since Korean War, including my self served our country, the United States If America. WE SERVED THE UN THAT GOT HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF SOLDIERS KILLED AND MANGLED FOR THE REST IF THEIR LIVES!!! We can thank our Presidents and Politicians for these unnecessary murders of our Troops under the bull shit that we served our Country.

Since the UN there has never been a year of Peace. The UN experiment doesn’t work and should be disbanded. All our Politicians have done is turn our Forces over to the UN to use as they please and if they get killed so what. The United States has more children the UN can have slaughtered. I know and a few other people know that our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen adopted a, “NO WIN POLICY”, That’s why our children die for nothing! That’s why we don’t win any War, that is why the Muslims are stronger then ever since our Traitor Muslim homosexual President Obama and all the Senators and Traitors Congress helped him in every way they could to bring us down and kill our Troops. With the Help of the  UN.

What do the Presidents and Politicians care who dies and get mangled,  it is not their children who will die it is our children!!! Destroy and abolish the UN and we will have peace in the World. The Leaders of the UN Countries get super rich with our money, while we get more poor. If you don’t believe me that there is a “NO WIN POLICY!” Look it up I did, 40 years ago.

Carrier Politicians, Presidents are only interested in making money off our dead and wounded children and how they can con the people and make millions of more dollars for them selves.

When Politicians ban together, you have treachery, Treason, Greed on a scale beyond the scope of the ordinary man. They destroy there Countries for money power and the UN will destroy the World with the Help of the United States of America and our  Government who believe in the Fantasy of a one world Government. Like Movies like Star Trek and Star Wars and best of all H.G. Well’s Fantasy about one World. That Wilson beloved in and he was so smart that he was dumb!  People will never get along just be=cause we are Human Beings. Who all different and think different and look different. And everybody is jealous of one another and will do anything to destroy another person who stands in their way of some thing they want.