Obama the Hypocrite Giving President Trump advice???


Obama should have never been the President of the United States of America. If it wasn’t for Bush failing we the people Obama would have never gotten in. They all belong to the same club. New World Order, Socialism and Communism open borders, Islam becoming the new Pagan Murder Cult Religion of our Country. No laws but what the UN wants, Muslim and Gang rule in the streets. And whole sale murder of people who will not cooperate with World Government.

There would only be super wealthy Politicians and the rest of us poor begging slaves to our Masters. Obama brought Chaos legalized murder of unborn and partiality born babies. Muslim have never been convicted of  crime they have committed in this Country. Obama had laws passed that were supposed to be Hate crime against the people he chose above we the people, who are our enemies, and he had the full cooperation of the Senate and the Congress to pass laws against the Middle Class and White people Christians and Jews in favor of Muslims Gangs, and Illegal Aliens.

Obama has passed executive orders that destroyed every industry in our Country that would make our lives better and easier. Obama has did everything in his power to kill every Jew and Christian in the Middle East. He did everything in his power to create a Caliphate. Obama Created ISIS, and brought back Al Qaeda. Made sure that the Muslims Terrorist that our troops are fighting have a better chance of killing our soldiers through his “Rules of Engagement” He has committed Treason. And this Rat is giving Trump advice how to run the Government.

Obama could not do anything to destroy our Country without the full cooperation of the Senate and the Congress. Obama and his Family have abused the Presidential Office and have spent on them selves and Obama’s family over a Trillion dollars. Obama abused the Constitution and the office of the President, caused our Country to become a third world had our money devalued. Caused the invasion of Illegal Hispanic Aliens and Criminals and has brought in the invasion of Muslim whom we the people don’t want living in our Country because they want to change our Country into a Muslim Country with Murder Cult laws that would kill 90% of the population with Sharia Law . Obama tried to destroy the 2nd Amendment, Obama created Obama ( Murder Inc.) Care. Our Presidents, Senators and Congressmen  prior to President Trump have all worked with and for Obama to destroy our Country.    Obama should keep his mouth shut and he should go to prison for stealing money from our Country and selling our country out to everybody. And bowing and scraping like the “Ignorant Street hustler Lacky that he really is to the Kings and leaders of other Countries. Obama giving President Trump advice about not abusing his Office like Obama did is from a sick minded Rat and criminal.