Not a Police Dog?

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Puppy Kicked Out Of Police Academy Lands In Governor’s Office

“He is confident, with no nervous tendencies …”

One police recruit in Queensland, Australia has found the perfect job after he was let go from canine unit training in April 2016 when it was determined he was not police material.

Gavel, a German Shepherd puppy, was among a group of 40 canines training to become a part of the Queensland Dog Squad.

In the beginning, Gavel displayed many traits appropriate for a police dog.

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“He is confident, with no nervous tendencies, and shows a willingness to retrieve, a prey drive, ball drive and can be motivated by food for a reward,” said Dean Hansen, a sergeant with the dog squad.

During his training, though, he was deemed “too friendly for the front line,” as police realized that Gavel would rather greet strangers than attack criminals.

Gavel “did not display the necessary aptitude for a life on the front line,” Queensland police said.

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While Gavel may never become a police officer, he was able to find a position more suited to his personality.

While being trained, Gavel was fostered by Queensland Governor Paul de Jersey. After learning of Gavel’s fate, de Jersey knew exactly what to do.

The governor gave Gavel a position in the Governor’s office as the official “Vice-Regal Dog,” where his duties include welcoming guests to the Queensland’s Government House and participating in special ceremonial occasions.

Governor de Jersey recently posted a picture to his Facebook page showing Gavel in his new position.