George H.W. Bush

Ex-President George H.W. Bush is a grouper and tells dirty jokes to young women in his old age? Well tell you want people, old man Bush did the same thing and worse when he was a young man. Probably more because he had money and power and if a young women pretty or homely wanted a good job in what ever he was interviewing her for at the time had to lay down on the couch, and George H.W. Bush would get his “Nuts” off and that women would get the job.

All these wealthy Politicians are the same. Before the TV camera they look and act so dignified and straight forward and honest good citizen when they are nothing but “One Eyed Jacks” that are more immoral then any man that is just an ordinary guy.

Remember Senator Ted, the Russian conspirator Traitor, Kennedy at a drunken orgie he drove his car off a bridge and let his sex date drown, and he was married at the time. Then he wanted his cousin to take the fall. But having  a ton of money and being a Senator and a Kennedy, paid off everybody and got off free as a bird. At the Capital Building in the Congressmen’s private restaurant, Kennedy and Dodd would sandwich a waitress between them and dry screw her on the floor in the restaurant and everybody thought these two up right forthwith upstanding, righteous Senators were in public but in reality they were gross pigs who real brains were in their pants and in bottle of whisky.

How about Weiner showing off his “Pecker” through his shorts on the internet. They are all pigs and take advantage of the positions to get stupid ambitious women on the couch and have sex with them. Now Caligula Obama who knows who he had on the couch or in his crouch. But all have one thing in common before a TV camera they act as if they are upstanding men running our Government.

I almost forgot the best of all, Big Bill Clinton who is a serial rapist from day one when he was Governor Of Arkansas. He is still a rapist. In his library he has a pent-house where young women who want to be an interne with him for what ever reason gets pawed over and have to lay down for the great Big Bill Clinton. All the wives know exactly what there husbands are doing. They don’t care. I wonder what they do to get even. All women are the same they are going to get even, I wonder who they screw on the side. Hey you never know about Bible betters like Jimmy Carter how many women he forced on to the couch.

I remember years ago I met Governor Walker of Illinois and I saw with my own eyes every female that walked near him his eyes flashed at them and looked like he would like to eat them alive.

You think these these people are true blue stand up forthright people? Your wrong they are gross pigs that run our Country and the World. Most go to “Orige Island where there are little children for them to have sex with. That’s where Barney Franks always went. When Congress asked him why he was running a  all male Whore House from his house. This Homo Pig was running a whore house for Homosexuals for other Homosexuals and nothing  happened to him. He didn’t have to resign from Congress, all he said was I didn’t know that my homosexual live partner was running a whore house  in the basement of my house,where he lived!

I think all the past Presidents walked around the White House  office with their “Peckers out when they were going to interview a women. But Obama might have been different and did the same thing with the guys.

How about the women like Wassermann- Schultz with her Muslim Boy friend who she helped steal millions of dollars. By the way she won’t go to jail none of the Politicals go to jail especially Demo-rats. These powerful women are not above garbing some guy or some women to have sex with. There was a judge many years ago in a big city, that if you were a criminal and were going to convicted to get off you had to go under her desk and give her “Head” and you went free.

They are worse people  then any of us who vote for these pigs.