Who is the “Deep State?”

Who is the “Deep State?” It is  has been infiltrated for many years by the Communist Party USA members. First let’s look at the Bureaucracies, which one do you think would hurt the USA more in the present and the past and the future? I think is was Jimmy the First President Traitor in America, Carter. What he did and how do to help push Communism and the “deep State” Carter, with the help of the Nazi Communist  Demo-rat Party and the Traitor Republicans created the Department of Education that would be run by the Federal Government. This what Lenin said and this is what the government has been doing since the 50’s: This is from Wikipedia:


Vladimir Lenin

“Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

― Vladimir Lenin

This is what Carter did taking orders from the Trilateral Commission who are people who are against the United States of America, created by David Rockefeller.
Rockefeller also created the Bildeberg. That has super Rich people and countries that are against the United States of America. and a lot of our Senators and Congressmen. Diann Feistien, the Clinton’s, Marco Rubio who they financed and picked to run for President of the United States of America. And Rubio is the same as Obama who the Bilderberg also picked and got elected President of the United States and who, like the Clinton’s and the Bush, “New World Order family” really hate the USA and want to destroy our Country.
Then there is the Counsel on Foreign Relations, another creation by David Rockefeller and the infamous Edwrad House, a socialist/ communist, who was Wilson’s guy behind the Thrown and  in the 1920’s helped Rockefeller  put together the Consul on Foreign Relations. The people who were and are part of the Consul on Foreign Relations were put into the White House as advisers to the President and his staff. The saying is in Washington DC, ” President’s come and go but we are here forever.” That holds true for the Bureaucracies who can enact laws and by pass Congress.
The Bureaucracies were created by the President’s to serve the Presidents only. But they are a part, a big part of the ” Deep State” that has been infiltrated by Communist Federal Government Department of Education. These people have been working for the Bureaucracies for 10, 20 30 years and are also controlled by the Communist Unions. They think that they know what our Country should be and they are going to work towards our Countries end. This is also true of the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party run by Nancy D’Alsandro Pelosi and Schumer most of the Nazi Communist Demo-rats have been office for more then 25 years, Nacny D’Alsandro Pelosi is one and their leaders to stop President Trump and destroy our Country .
Every Nazi Communist Demo-rat is working against President Trump. And the Republican Traitors are the same. that is why they cooperate completely cooperated with Obama and the Nazi Communist Demo-rats because they feel they are the Presidents and that they know what is good for the Country. “Open Borders, making every one poor beyond belief, The New World Order and no Constitution. Ask Ginsberg or Sotomayor, they and a couple others say the Constitution is an old worn out piece of paper that need to be changed to suite the Traitor Politicians and the Supreme Court who no longer follow the Constitution but cases they have had before them in the past. And they rule on those results.
The reason the “Deep State” followed Obama to the letter because Obama and Hillary Clinton were supposed to destroy the United States of America. To me Sessions is part of the “Deep State” because he’s been around for more then 25 years and knows all the secrets  and plans to destroy our Country. That is another reason he will never indite anyone because he is still part of the “Deep State” and how can you prosecute your friends with all their’s and your  plans to run this country into a third world country, run by the Super Rich crooked Politicians. Like the Bush Family and the Clinton’s and the Pelosi’s and Schumers, Obama and that Traitor McCain a good “Progressive Communist serving his Government and not the people, and run our Country they all serve the Government and not the people or our Country.
They will never serve the person we the people want to bring us back from destruction, President Trump. But to stop him and bring us into the Dark Ages where they,  the Communist Federal Government control everything. “Do as I tell you…not as I do.” and if you don’t they will gladly execute you and millions more of us.
Nunes is a true Patriot exposing all the Traitor Nazi Communist Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans run by McConnell.  That is why we need Term Limits for every Congressmen and Senators and even the Supreme Court Justice so they can never have the power they have today to destroy us and our Country.
What we are looking at is the True enemy of we the people and our Country the people who run our Government are the true Traitors of our Constitution and our Freedom.
Keep your guns handy never give them up and never, never register them with the State or Federal Government. Be ready for our Civil War against our Bureaucracies and our Senators and Congressmen. Liars, crooks and murders of our freedom!!!
The “deep State” is still run by Obama.
The way to get rid of the “Deep State Bureaucracies is to cut their budget 3/4 and they have to lay people off and cut their stringent so they don’t have so much control over our Country.